Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


24. Hangin' with Leslie

Kelly's P.O.V

I woke up in the bed with J's arm around me. I moved and I guess I woke J up in the process. "Good Morning." I smiled. "Morning." I sat up and hopped out to the kitchen. I sat on the counter. "What do you want to eat?" J asked me. "Toast." Was all I said. "Really, that's all you want." I just nodded. He laughed, "So you want eggs, bacon and toast." I nodded. "I knew you wanted more then that." I smiled and he kissed me. "I love you." He said. "I love you too." He made the eggs and bacon while I made the toast. We sat on the couch and ate. "Good breakfast babe." I said. "Thanks. Good toast." I smiled and said thanks. We finished eating and J asked me. "When is your friend coming over?" He asked. "I'll text her."
K: Hey, when do you want to come over?"
L: When ever you want me and heyy.

K: How about in an hour?


K:Do you know where to go?

L: Not really

I told her where to go and she said she would be on her way. I called Missy.

"Hello?" "Heyyy, you doing anything today?" "Nope. Why?" "Well, I became friends with the OLLG from the first concert and I was wondering if you wanted to hang with us." "I would be delighted." I laughed, "Ok, well Leslie is going to be here in an hour so you come over in half an hour." "Ok, see you then." We hung up and I hopped on one foot to the bed room. I looked for an outfit. I put on my blue tank that says love on it, white capris and my black toms, well one of them.( I went and brushed my teeth and hair, and hopped out to the couch. I looked at the clock on my phone. Missy's going to be here in like 5 minutes. J was in the bed room getting ready. The tour bus door opened and in came Missy. "Hey." She said. "Hey." She sat next to me. "What are we going to do today?" " I have no idea.'' she smiled. "How about we just go to the mall?" I nodded. We watched T.V until Leslie came. "Hey!" She said. I hugged her and introduced her. "Missy this is Leslie, Leslie this is Missy." They said hello and I went to J. "We are going to the mall." He nodded kissed me and grabbed my crutches. We went out and had a taxi take us to the mall. "So, what are store are we going to go to?" Missy asked us. I shrugged. "Leslie, what's good here?" "We could just go shop around." She said. Missy and I agreed and we went to different stores.

*Skip shopping.

We got back to the tour bus and I saw a note on the counter. It said:

Hey babe. Went to rehearsals. Come on over when you get this. I'll be waiting. :) I loveeeee youuuu!!! See you soon.



"Lets go to the stadium girls." We headed out, got a cab to take us and we were there. I walked in with the girls and saw J. I turned to Leslie and she was speechless. "Hey babe." I said to him. "Hey babe. Hey Missy. Hey..." "J this is Leslie, Leslie this is J." J shook her hand and said, "Hello." She smiled and said hello back. "Come on." J gave me a piggy back ride and we went to sit down. He set me down, kissed me, and went back to rehearsing. I looked at Leslie. "So, did you have today?"  She nodded. "Yea! Thanks.'' I smiled, "No problem." J came back over and he said, "Lets go hang with Chaz and Ryan." I nodded and Missy, Leslie and I followed J to the bus. We got in there. "Chaz! Ryan! Come on!" Ryan came out and immediately went and kissed Missy. "Hey babe." "Hey." She said back. I looked at Leslie. She was staring. I looked to where she was staring and it was Chaz. He was staring at her too. I smell relationship! "Chaz, Leslie." "W-what." Chaz said. Leslie blushed and looked down. "Well, Ryan, Chaz this is Leslie, Leslie, Ryan and Chaz." Ryan shook her hand, and Chaz did the same only longer then needed. "So, guys what do you want to do?" "Lets watch a movie. My concert isn't until 4 hours." "Is it ok if I text Demi and ask her if she wants to come and hang." They all nodded and agreed.

K:Hey! You want to come over and hang with us at Ryan, Chaz, and Missy's bus?

D:Sure! I just got done rehearsing! I'll be over in like two minutes. :)

K:Okieeeeee dokieeeee :P

"So Demi will be here like any minute. What movie are we going to watch?" I asked. "Grown Ups."  I said. That is like one of my favorite movies. "Ok." J popped the movie in just as Demi walked in. "Hey, what are we watching?" She asked. "Grown Ups." I said as I sat on the floor in between J's legs. "Cool! I love this movie." She sat down next to me. The seating arrangements were the following. Leslie and Chaz sitting on the floor...cuddling. I knew they were going to be together! Next was Missy on Ryan's lap. Then J next to then on the couch with me in between his legs on the floor. Then Demi next to me. I was laughing so hard through the movie that I had tears. Everyone else... except for Demi, Missy and I... we laughing normally. "Wow. You guys must really like this movie." J said. I nodded and kept laughing. The movie ended was just sitting there giggling. J lifted me up. "Well. We have an hour before I have to go get ready. You want some alone time?" I nodded and smiled. "Guys, J and I are going to go to our bus." They all nodded. "Oh, and Chaz." He looked at me. "Be careful with Leslie. She's my friend." She blushed and he saluted me. "Sir, yes sir."

I laughed and we went to the bus. "Sooo... you like Leslie?" I asked J. He nodded. "She seems like a nice girl. I can already tell that Chaz and her are going to get together." "I think everyone knows that." He laughed and nodded. "Soooo. Since tomorrow is Saturday! We can hopefully get that thing off your leg and you can be better." "I know that it's only been like three days but I can feel that it is getting better. This morning it hurt, but since I have been off of it all day it feel a heck of a lot better." He smiled and kissed me. "That's good. I miss chasing you and you being able to walk." I laughed. "Hey, you want to Skype Shawn for like half an hour before you have to go." "Sure." I texted Shawn and told him to go on Skype. I logged in and saw that he was on. "Hey Shawn." I said as his face popped up. "Hey baby sis. Hey Justin." "Hey Shawn." He said. "So, what you been up to?" I asked him. "Nothing much. I met a girl." "YOU WHAT!" I asked him. "I met this girl. Her name is Molly. She is very nice." I smiled. "I'm happy for you bro!" "Thanks. So how's your ankle?" "Better! I think that I will be ok. I'm hoping that it will come off tomorrow!" He smiled. "Hey Molly! Come meet my sister and her boyfriend." He looked at me. "She didn't believe that you were dating him. You are going to love her." I smiled. This beautiful girl came into the screen, kissed my brothers cheek and sat. I had J hide out of the camera. "Hey. You must be Kelly! I have heard so much about you." "Hey! I wish that I could say the same about you." She laughed. "So I hear you don't believe that I'm dating the Justin Bieber." "Sweetie, you are gorgeous and all, but I'm not sure. You do look a lot like the girl he's seen with." I smiled. "Well. Say hello." I looked at J. He popped up. "Hello!!" Molly gasped. "Is that really him! Wow. I guess I should believe you more often." She laughed. "Haha. Well sorry to cut the chat short but, babe I have to go get ready." I smiled. "Well, bye guys! So nice to meet you Molly." "You too hun." I waved and signed off. "Oh my gosh her face was priceless." J said. I nodded and laughed.

*Skip concert.

"Good job babe." I smiled at him. "Thanks." He said before kissing me. "Let's go." I waved to everyone and we went to the tour bus. J did his usual routine and sat next to me. "Here." He handed me my medication. "Thanks." I took my pills and sighed. "What's wrong?" J asked me. "It's just. What if I can't get this thing off tomorrow. I would have to stay here until I can. And I'll be leaving Leslie here and I could tell we were going to be good friends." "Don't worry about her. Chaz already asked if she could come along and I said it was ok. And you won't be staying here. The doctor says that I can just take you to a different doctor to get it off" I smiled and nodded. "I knew they were going to get together soon." He smiled. I got up and went to the bed. I lied down and propped my ankle on a pillow so it wouldn't move. I'm praying that I will get this off tomorrow. J lied down next to me and I snuggled up into his chest. I was cold and he was warm. "Geez. Are you that cold?" I laughed. "I'm freezing." He pulled me closer. "I'll warm you up." "You already did. You warmed both me and my heart." He smiled and kissed the top of my head. "I love you Kel." "I love you too Justy." I fell asleep with the guy I love.

A/N Heyyyy! Wow two in one night. You are lucky. Where I live it's almost 11 o'clock! On a school night. Well... LOVE YOU ALL!!!<3 Thanks for reading so far! Much more to come!


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