Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


15. Graduation!!!

Kelly's P.O.V

It's been 5 days since we buried my parents, and I'm doing okay. Justin has been staying with Shawn and I. Missy has been here everyday, and slept over a couple times. Today is the day of my...GRADUATION!!! I'm so excited that I am done with school. Like you know, I only have well now 4 friends, Ryan, Chaz, Missy, and Justin. So I got up and got ready. Justin was already downstairs. He woke up early today. Any way, since it's my graduation I thought I should dress up a little bit.

My outfit consisted of a peach floral lace dress, white gladiator sandals, and I curled my hair a braid around the back of my hair. ( I put on mascara and eye liner. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. Today, I actually felt pretty. I walked down stairs and saw Justin putting a lot of food on the table. "Woah, J, what's up with this?" His new nickname is J, or sometime Justy. I only call him Justin when I'm mad or really happy. He looked up and his jaw dropped. "Take a picture, it will last longer." I laughed. He got out of his 'trance' and smiled. "You look... beautiful." I smiled and pecked his lips. "Thanks. And again, what is this?" "Oh, yea, since you are graduating today, I thought I would make you a good, big breakfast." I hugged him. "Thanks J. Shawn! Breakfast!" Shawn came down quickly. "Who made this?" "J did." "Well, thanks Justin." "Your welcome Shawn." We sat down and ate the food. I was so full, I wouldn't be able to eat for the rest of my life. "YUMMY!!!" I said, got up, put my dishes in the sink, and checked the clock. My graduation doesn't start until two, but I have to be there by 1:30. It was noon. "Well I'm ready, and I have an hour and a half to do nothing. I'm going to just go to Starbucks. Anybody want anything?" "No thanks." J and Shawn said. "Ok, you two get ready, I'm going to go. I'll be back in 30 minutes." I walked out the door and decided to walk to Starbucks.

I got home and went to Justin.  I smiled and kissed him. "Is it time to go yet?" "No. But we can take a ride around and then when it's 1 we can go to your graduation." "Sounds good. LET'S GO SHAWN!"
*Skip car ride.

"Well I'm going to go and meet up with Missy. Bye guys! Love you!" I kissed J on the lips and kissed Shawn on the cheek. "Love you too." They said back. I had my cap and gown on. I looked threw the crowd of my classmates. I saw Missy and ran up to her. "MISSY!" "KELLY!" She ran up to me and hugged me. "Are you ready?" I asked her. "YES! But, I'm going to Florida and your staying here." She frowned. "Hey, we aren't leaving until like a month. And ever heard of electronics." "Yea I guess. Any way. The music is starting, lets go and get in our line." I hugged her one last time and lined up. The music started and I started walking out. I sat down and looked for Justin and Shawn. I found them but they weren't the only ones there. I looked and Kenny was sitting by Justin, followed by Chaz and Ryan. Yay, everyone is here. I looked at Missy, and I mouth 'Ryan' to her. She nodded and smiled. The principal came out and started talking. Finally it was time for our diplomas. I walked up when they called my name. I took my diploma, smiled, shook hands with the teachers that were up there. I walked back down the steps and sat down. The ceremony was over and we all threw our hats up in the air. I walked up to Missy and we headed to our guests. Justin picked me up and spun me in the air. "You graduated!" I giggled as he put me down. I was talking to everyone when someone said behind us, "Ewww, Justin, your still with her? I'm way prettier. She's such a loser." I turned around to see Kristee. "You know what, you are a.." I stopped Missy. "I got this. You know what Kristee. I don't know what I ever did to you. You are just a bully. I know that all these people here, around me, love me and I'm done with your crap. Leave me alone. Nobody needs this. So uh, bu-bye." I felt so good letting that out. "You know what you are Kelly..." "I don't care what you think you are. Nothing you say will change me. So just STOP!" "At least I still have my parents." She took that way to far. I was about to pounce on her when Justin grabbed me and Ryan grabbed Missy. " You're lucky Justin and Ryan are strong because, Missy and I were about to beat the crap out of you!" Kristee just laughed and walked away. "Thanks Justin. I might have taken her out." I just giggled a little, but a tear went down my face. "Just forget her. She means nothing." "Thanks. Okay, now that that's over, lets go home and just hang out. All of us." They all agreed. "Hey, Kenny. Is it ok if I ride with you?" "Sure sweetie." I nodded, hugged J and went with Kenny. "Ok, why did you want to ride with me?" I shrugged my shoulder. "Your the closest thing I have to a dad. Kenny, I need a father figure right now." He hugged me and kissed the top of my head. "Well, you're like a daughter to me also." I smiled and we got to my house.

Justin got out of the car and ran to me. "It was to long with out you." I laughed. "Justin, we were only apart for like 5 minutes." He kissed me. "So why did you go with Kenny anyway." "He's the closest thing I have to a dad now and I just needed to be with a father figure. Especially with what Kristee said." "Forget her, she's out of your life." "Thanks Justin." I kissed him again and changed into sweat pants and tank top. "Kel, is it ok if I borrow some sweats and tank top?" "Sure." Missy went up and changed. "Ok, guys lets just hangout  for the rest of the day. Does that sound ok?" "That sound great." J said, answering for everyone. And that's exactly what we did.

A/N HEYY!!! It's 1 in the morning, so it's not that long of a chapter Sorry. Anyway, THANKS FOR READING SO FAR!!! Much more to come. LOVE YOU ALL!!!<3


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