Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


32. Girls Day!

Kelly's P.O.V

I woke up to be alone in the room. I looked to my right and saw a note on J's pillow. It said:

Hey Baby. Good Morning... unless you woke up in the afternoon. Anyway I went to rehearsals so why don't you hang out with Missy and Leslie or something? Anyway call me or text me when ever you want to. I love you. I'll call you when I'm done rehearsing. Oh, and there should be 100 dollars on the dresser. In case you go shopping. But it you don't... I want it back. Love you again.



I smiled and went to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and went to the sink. I brushed my teeth and then turned on my straightener. I went out to the suitcase to find an outfit. I found my light green tank top, my short shorts and my floral flip flops. ( I went to the bathroom and straightened my hair. I put on the usual makeup and went to Missy's room. "Hey!" She said hugging me. "Hey!" "So, what do ya want to do?" I asked her. "Umm, let's see..." "SHOPPING!" We yelled at the same time. We went to Leslies room and got her. We linked arms and headed to the lobby. "Where do we want to go?" I asked. "The mall?" Leslie asked. "Yea." We got to the mall and went to different stores. After about an hour and 50 dollars later we headed to the food court. We went to the A&W. I got my food and found the table that they were sitting at. "So, what else do you want to do?" I shrugged my shoulders and took a bite of my sandwich. "What time is it?" I asked. Missy looked  at her phone. "1:30." I nodded and decided to text J.

K:Heyy! At the mall. Anything you need?

I took another bite and my phone vibrated.

J: Hey babe. Hope ur having fun! I don't need anything. Thnx anyway.

K:Is there a certain time you need me to come back?

J:Well, I'm done rehearsing in an hour so... can you be back to the hotel in an hour or 2?


J:K. Well, breaks over...:( Love ya. see ya in an hour or 2. xx

K: Love ya too :* xx

I looked at the girls. "J wants me back to the hotel in an hour or two." "Ok. Sounds good. What else do ya want to do?" I shrugged my shoulders.

I finished my sandwich and went to a Aero. I found a couple tops and some new shorts. Also a pair of sneakers. I check the time and it was 2:00. "Hey guys. You want to go to Starbucks then just head back to the hotel?" I asked them. They nodded. We called a cab and they took us to Starbucks. We got  what we normally order and left.

We got back to the hotel. I got to the room and opened the door. "Justin?" I asked. He wasn't here. I went and set my bags by the bed and sat on the bed. I texted J.

K:Hey at the hotel.

J:I'll be there in 20 minutes.

K:Ok. Love ya!:*xx

J:Love ya too!!!!!!!!!:*xx

I went and put my hair in a bun and laid down on the bed. I took a nap until I woke up to the door opening. I decided that I should pretend to be sleeping. I heard J laugh and put his stuff on the table. I slightly opened my eyes to see he was turned around. I smiled as he was humming and dancing while looking for something. He turned around and I quickly shut my eyes. I heard him walk over to the side of the bed and climbed on the bed. He turned on the T.V. I felt him lean over and kiss my cheek. He said, "Nice try babe. I know you're awake." I smiled and turned around. "How did you know?" He looked at me. "Magic." I gave him a 'really?' look. He smiled and said, "Ok you got me... I saw you close your eyes when I turned around." I smiled and kissed him. "Is there anything you want to do?" I asked him. "Well, I have 3 hours until the concert so we could watch a movie." I nodded and smiled. "Do they have Netflix?'' J checked the T.V. "Yea. What do ya want to watch?" J asked. "The Walking Dead." I said and smiled. "Woah woah woah. The Walking Dead?" I looked at him. "Yea. Got a problem with that?" He shook his head. "No it's just that you can watch The Walking Dead but you can't watch a scary movie?" "So what?" He kissed my head. "You are so weird." "Thanks." He laughed and played The Walking Dead. Right before it started I got up and went to put on my sweat pants. I moved around and laid on my stomach and had my head by the end of the bed. "You comfy?" I nodded. I felt the bed move as J laid down next to me and watched The Walking Dead.

After watching 2 episodes J had to go. He got off the bed and held out his hand to me. "Come on. Your coming with." I nodded. "Wait! I have to change into my shorts again." I let go of his hand and ran to the suitcase. I slipped my shorts on and ran back to J. We got on to the tour bus and headed to the concert with Missy, Ryan, Leslie and Chad. "Hey since I'm done with my ankle thing can I pick the OLLG?" J smiled and said, "Sure." I smiled.

*Skip until concert.

J got done with makeup and Demi was just finishing up. J walked over to me. I knew where this was going. I gave him a kiss and wished him good luck. Demi came out and stood next to me. "Girl next time you leave... tell me so I can go with." I smiled and hugged her. "I was scared when you left that you weren't coming back." I laughed. "Sorry." "It's okay."

J had sung some of his songs and he was singing ALAYLM. I felt Kenny tap my shoulder. "Hey baby girl." I turned around and hugged him. "Sorry I couldn't have been there when you came back. Speaking of which, don't do that again. You had me worried sick." I smiled and hugged him a little bit tighter. "So you want to go pick an OLLG?" I nodded and he lead me to the audience. I was looking for the perfect girl. I saw a girl who had tears on her face and a big smile. Got ya OLLG. I tapped on her shoulder and she turned around. "Oh my gosh!!!!!!! You're Kelly!!" "That would be me! Would you like to be the OLLG?" She smiled and nodded. "Ok, then follow me."

I sent the OLLG on the stage and smiled at that I did a good deed.  

*Skip Rest Of Concert

J came back and kissed me. "Sweaty." Was all I said. "Deal with it." He hugged me. "Meet and Greet." Scooter said. I laughed and said, "I'll be in the tour bus." J nodded, kissed me again and went to the meet and greet. I went to the tour bus and sat on the couch and watched the T.V. J came back an hour later and the tour bus took off to the hotel. J sat next to me and put his arm around me. "I'm tired." I said before I yawned. I laid my head on his shoulder and fell asleep fast.
I woke up in the bed. I looked at the clock and it was only 11:30. J was watching T.V. "Aww. Did you carry me up here?" I asked him. J nodded and I got up. I went and got PJ's on and laid down next to him. "Goodnight babe." I said and kissed him. "Goodnight babe. Love you." "Love you too." I said and fell asleep with my head on his chest.

A/N HEYY. This was a long chapter. You're welcome. WELL, MUCH MORE TO COME!! THANKS FOR READING SO FAR! LOVE YOU ALL!!!




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