Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


8. Getting the text.

Kelly's P.O.V

Last night had to be the best night in my entire life. I met my idol, got his number and what am I forgetting, oh yea, I ALMOST KISSED HIM. Since I got home really late last night, Shawn let me stay home today from school. I texted Missy to see if she had to go to school today.

K: Hey! did you go to school today?

M:No!!! My parents let me stay home. Did you go?

K:Nope... anyway do you want to hang?

M: Sure, I'll be over in like 5 minutes.

K: Kk.

Justin hasn't texted me yet. I was going to wait because I don't want to seem like the crazy fan. What if he's waiting for me to text him. I guess I'll text him.

K: Hey this is Kelly from last night. I didn't know when to text you... so hey.

I heard the door open and in came Missy. "Hey girl. What you up too?" "Nothing much, but I did just text Justin about a minute ago." "YOU WHAT!!!" She screeched. I nodded my head, and she hugged me. "It's no big deal." I said, but I knew that it was a big deal. "NO BIG DEAL! It's Justin Drew Bieber were talking about, have you fallen and hit your head?" "No... I know it's a big deal." "So has he texted back?" I checked my phone. "No. Maybe it was a mistake. I should have never texted him." As soon as I had said that, my phone vibrated. I looked at my phone. "HE TEXTED BACK!!" I screamed. "Well what does it say?" I checked my phone.

J: Hey,  i have been waiting for you to text me.

K: Sorry, i didn't know when to text you.

J: It's fine, lol. so what's up beautiful.

I looked at her. " He just called me beautiful!" she looked at me. "No way." I showed her and she hugged me.

K:Hanging with Missy... what up with u

J:Hanging with Ryan and Chaz at my place.

K: Don't you have a concert tonight?

J: The concert you were at was the last one for my believe tour, so now i have a break.

K: Ooooo i did not know that.

J: Yap, anyway, do you and Missy want to come over and hang?

I looked at Missy. "Do you want to go to Justin's and hang with him?" "Sure! I hope Ryan's there!" Missy has a big crush on Ryan Butler. "Yea, Justin, Ryan and Chaz are hanging out." "Cool then let's go." I laughed. "I have to get ready first, I'm still in my pajamas." "Hurry up then."

I ran upstairs and put on my blue-green shirt that says 'Beach Lover' on it, white jean shorts, and my braided sandals. I just put my hair in a bun. (

"Ok, I'm ready! Let's go!"  We headed out to Justin's house.

*Skip Car Ride

We pulled up to Justin's house. Yes we know where he lives, Justin Bieber fans here... duh. There was a big gate. I didn't know how to get in so I just texted Justin.

K: Uh Justin, how do i get in ur house??

J: Oh just press the little button on the box, and say your name. everyone knows you are coming.

K: Ok


I pulled up to the little box with the speaker on it. I pushed the button. "Hello." I heard some one say. "Um, We're Kelly and Missy, Justin's friends." "Ah, yes, come on in Miss Kelly." All of a sudden the gate opened up and we drove up to the house, no not house... Mansion! We got out the car and knocked on the big door. I heard running from the other side of the door. The door opened and there was Justin. "Hey Kel, hey Missy!" He said hugging us. "Hey Justin!" We said back. "Come in, the boys are just upstairs, playing video games." "Cool." "Ok, follow me." He said and turned around and walked up the stairs into what I assume his media room. There was a big flat screen T.V, many movies and video games, and a huge sound system. Chaz and Ryan looked back at the door to see who is was. I looked at Missy and saw that she was totally fangirling over Ryan. They paused the game and came and said hi. "Kelly, Missy, this is Chaz and Ryan, Ryan, Chaz, this is Kelly and Missy." I said hey, and Missy just stood there speechless. This has to be the first time that I had seen Missy not talk. Finally she said hi. "So you guys are playing Black Ops, Zombies." They looked at me shocked that I knew what that was. "What I have an older brother and I like playing video games." I looked down embarrassed. "That's cool! Wanna play." Justin asked handing me and Missy controllers. "Sure, why not." I took the controller and sat next to Justin, and Missy grabbed the other one and sat next to me. I was in the lead with most kills. The game ended and everyone looked at me. "What." I looked down and blushed.


"Where did you get the skills like that?" Justin asked. I just shrugged my shoulders. "Well, I'm going to go to the bathroom. Where is it?" I asked. "Down the hall, second door on the left." I went out and when I came back, I saw Ryan and Missy talking. They were sitting really close. I smell relationship coming on! I looked at Justin and wiggled my eyebrows at him. He laughed. I sat next to Justin. I looked at the clock. It's 5. "So what are we going to do now?" I asked. "Wanna watch a movie?" "Sure, what movie?" I asked "The Grudge!" Chaz shouted. Justin got up and popped movie in. "No, I don't do good with scary movies." I was getting scared. "I'm right here." Justin said as he sat next to me. "Ok... fine." Half way through the movie, I had my head in Justin's chest. I looked at the screen and screamed. Justin was trying to calm me down. "Shh, it's just a movie." Finally, the movie was over. "What time is it now?" I asked Justin. "7. Do you have school tomorrow?" "Yup, but next week is graduation!" I was excited that school was almost over but sad because Missy is going all the way to Florida for college, and I don't even know where I'm going. I just don't know. I've had applications sent, and been accepted by a couple but, I just don't know which one. I could stay here for one or go back to Wisconsin, but I'm leaning more to staying here.


"So what are we going to do now?" I asked Justin, "Were going to leave in an hour so..." I added on. "Truth or Dare?" I guess we are going to play truth or dare.



A/N I'm really really really sorry, I haven't updated for a while, I had hung out with my friend all weekend, and yea. Sorry again. To make it up to you I made this chapter alittle longer and i will do another one, maybe two tonight! Sorry again. Love ya!!




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