Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


22. Day Off

Kelly's P.O.V

I woke up to a kiss on my lips. I smiled into the kiss and so did J. I looked at him, "How did you know that was my favorite way to wake up?" He laughed. "I think that's every ones favorite way to wake up." I kissed him again and got up. "When is your concert tonight?" I asked him. "Actually, today I have a day off because the rest of the week I have concerts and rehearsals." I nodded then asked, "Wait, when are we leaving Albuquerque?" "Saturday, so if it's Tuesday today, I have three more concerts here." "Then where are we going?" "We are going to Houston, Texas." "Cool! So, since it's your day off, what do you want to do?" He put on his thinking face, which I thought was totally adorable. I laughed. "What's so funny?" "Your thinking face." He made more faces which made me almost die of laughter. "Anyway, I thought that we could have an hour of alone time then, we could ask Demi, Ryan, Chaz, and Missy if they want to go swimming." I smiled at the thought. "Perfect. Smart thinking babe." "I have my moments." He gloated and I smiled. "So, what are we going to do for our hour of alone time?" He shrugged his shoulders. "We could just talk." I smiled and nodded. "What do you want to talk about?" I asked him. "Let's talk about us." I thought. "Ok, what about us?" "Gosh, are you the women with many questions?" I laughed. "Well. What about us?" I asked again. "Are you glad we are together?" He asked me. I looked at him. "Justin, I'm so glad that we are together. You are my love. I love you with all my heart. You are the reason that I smile in the day. Wait... are you happy we are together?" "Kelly, Of course I'm glad that we are together. You are the light in my life. I love you! I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend." I smiled and kissed him. "Well, we should probably get ready." I said. "Yea, you can go first."


I got up and went to get ready. I put on my purple with white polka dots bikini. Over that I put on a white tank top and some short jeans with purple flip flops. J had his trunks and a white shirt on. We sat down and I made a group text to Missy, Demi, Ryan and Chaz

K: Hey, J and I were wondering if you wanted to go to the beach with us?

Everyone text back sure and that they would be at J's bus in a little bit. We waited when there was a knock on the door. Everyone was outside and waiting for us to go. "Where is the nearest beach?" I asked Demi since it was her home town. "Actually, just down the road." We started heading down. I walked with J hand in hand. "Hey J?" "Yes my love?" I smiled and asked him, "Are we ever going to stay in a hotel, and not in the tour bus?" I asked. "Yea, it's just in the beginning I like to stay in the bus to get used to it." I smiled. "Ok." We walked up to the beach. "Wait, aren't people going to notice us?" "No, this beach has a spot that not many people know of, so we can just go there." Demi said. I nodded and we followed her. We got there and I laid my towel down and sat on top of it. Demi and Missy did the same thing. The guys looked at us. "What are you girls doing?" J asked us. "Tanning." I simply stated. "We are going swimming." Ryan said. "And by we he means all of us!" J said while picking me up. "No, please, I just want to tan for five minutes please." I said. He put me down. "Fine, but only five minutes." I smiled and took of my tank and shorts and laid back down. I was talking to the girls when I felt the towel move. "Hey, I have two more minutes." I said showing him my phone. "You put a timer?" He asked. "Yes, you have a problem with that J?" "Not one bit." I kissed him and laid my head back down. My phone went off and I was lifted off the towel. I held on to his neck as he held me bridal style. I looked at the water. It was beautiful. You could see right through it and see all the little fish swimming around. The water was up to my neck and up to his chest. He set me down and kissed me. I pulled away and splashed him. "You did not just do that to the splash master?" He questioned. He had a evil smirk on his face. I swam as fast as I could to get away from him. I swam up to shore and ran away. He was hot on my tail.

I turned around to look and I fell. I yelped in pain. I could feel the pain shoot up from my ankle. "Kelly! Are you ok?" He looked concerned. "What hurts?" He asked me. "M-my a-ankle. J it h-hurts s-so bad!" I said between sobs. He picked me up and ran to the others. "Guys, Kelly hurt her ankle pretty badly so I'm going to run her to the hospital." "We'll be there as soon as we pick this stuff up." Missy said with concerned. I looked at him. He looked down and I was greeted by darkness.

Justin's P.O.V

I looked at her. "No, no, no. Kelly stay with me." I ran to the tour bus. "Nearest hospital! Quick!" The bus driver nodded and sped off to the hospital. I ran inside and went up to the counter. "Help, my girlfriend fell and twisted her ankle. She just passed out all of a sudden." The nurse looked at me and said, "Sir, calm down. The doctor is on his way. He's just going to check up on her ankle and she passed out probably because of the shock. She will be ok." I nodded as the doctor came and took us to a room. "Well, she has sprained her ankle, pretty badly. She will wake up and moment and I'm going to have to wrap up her ankle. We will give her pain medication, but it will cause her to be drowsy." I nodded and looked at her. The door slammed open and everyone came in. Missy looked at her and started crying. I went up to her and hugged her. "The doctor said she will be fine." I went and sat next to Kelly. "Why is she passed out?" Demi asked tears running down her face. "The nurse said because of shock." The doctor came in and wrapped up her ankle. "She is going to need to use crutches for two weeks." I nodded when all of a sudden we heard a groan come from Kelly. I looked at her and her eyes fluttered open. "What, where am I?" "In the hospital. You sprained your ankle pretty badly." She nodded and looked at me. "Can we go home?" I looked at the doctor. "I'm going to give you your medication and you can then go home. Here, practice your crutches."

Kelly's P.O.V

My ankle hurt really bad! The doctor handed me the crutches and I looked at J. He helped me up and I grabbed the crutches and we started walking to the doctor. I was doing pretty well with the crutches. I got my medication while J signed me out. We headed out the door to the tour bus. I sat on the couch and asked J to get me some water. I wasn't going to be the needy hurt person, I just needed to take my medication. He handed me the water and smiled at me. Everyone else was went to their other tour buses. J sat next to me as I took the medication. Five minutes later I started to get really sleepy. "Babe, you can lay your head on my lap." I smiled, kissed him and laid down. Well wasn't the day off an awesome day? Note the sarcasm.

A/N Heyyy! I don't have much to say other then school starts in two days. WOO HOO! Note the sarcasm. Anyways, thanks for reading so far! Much more to come! LOVE YOU ALL!!!


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