Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


23. Am I That Good?

Kelly's P.O.V

I woke up in the same position. But instead I had a blanket on. I looked up at J and he was peacefully sleeping. I smiled at how much I know that I love him. He is my everything. I started to slowly get up. I sat up and put the blanket on top of him. I got my crutches and at a very slow pace, went to the bedroom. I changed from my clothes from yesterday to putting on my Minnie Mouse shirt that says 'Enjoy The Little Things', black with flower shorts and one of my black toms. ( I went and laid down on the bed. I turned on Little Things by One Direction. When Niall's part came on I smiled. Niall is my all time favorite in the group. But, J is my all time favorite singer. I mean duh! Anyway, I was listening to the song when I felt the bed sink a little. I looked and there was J smiling at me. I smiled and pulled the head phones out from my ear. "Hey, J." "Hey, I heard you singing." "I was singing?" "Yea." Wow, I guess I just got lost in the music. "Well, I guess I didn't notice." He smiled. "You know, you should really try out or have me talk to Scooter about you. With a voice like yours, you can go far!" I blushed. "Thanks, but no thanks. I get nervous when I sing around other people. I have only ever sang in front of Missy, Shawn and my parents." "You sing in front of me." He said. I looked at him, "I don't know that you can hear me." He smiled. "Sing ALAYLM."(As Long As You Love Me) I looked at him. "I can't." He gave me the puppy dog face. I sighed. "Fine." I took a deep breath then... went to run out of the room, but then  remembered my ankle, which caused me to fall. "What happened?" J asked helping me up. "I tried running away to not have to sing to you but my ankle caused me to fall." He laughed and set me on the bed. "Well, now I'm going to have to hold you down and make you sing to me.'' I sighed. "How about if I sing with you, then would you sing?" "Ok. Ready." He started singing which I sang with him. I was adding harmony to him. Half way through the song he stopped singing. I stopped and looked at him. He had a smirk on his face. I gave a him a confused look when I heard clapping behind me. I turned around to see everyone clapping. I turned back around and playfully punched J. "You set me up!" He laughed then said, "It was the only way to get that beautiful voice heard.'' I laughed then blushed. Scooter came up to me and said," Kelly, you have an amazing voice. Would you sing something alone, please." I thought for a minute. "What the heck, you guys already heard me once." I started singing Party in the U.S.A by Miley Cyrus. I finished the song and looked at everyone. They were speechless. I laughed and said, "Was it that bad?" Kenny jumped up. "Bad. Sweetie, that was... Incredible." I smiled, "Thanks Kenny." "Well, how would you like to sing a song with Justin at one of his concerts?" I thought for a minute. "I guess, but can it be after I get this wrap off of my ankle?" "Of course." Scooter said. "Then, I guess I would sing with J." I said emphasizing with. They smiled. "Well, ok. Justin, you have rehearsals to do." He nodded and said, "Leave please." We went and sat on the couch in the living room. J came out 30 minutes later. "What were you doing in there? Taking a million selfies?" I said to him. "No, it's my hair. It's not my hair its not working." I looked at him. "Ok, maybe I did take a selfie, but I said, bad hair day with it." I smiled, hopped on one foot over to him and said. ''Here, let me help you." I licked my finger. "Eww, I don't want your spit in my hair." I laughed then said, "Really, if then give me your gel." He nodded and got his gel. "There you go." He handed me his gel, then I went and started to do his hair. I told him to go look in the mirror. He came back saying, "Thank you babe. It's perfect." He kissed my cheek then gave me my crutches. "Let's go people." Scooter said. We got into the rent car and went to the arena.

We got to the arena and I sat while listening to J sing like an angel. I saw Demi walking over to me with a smile on her face. "Hey." She said sitting next to me. "Hey. What's up?" "I heard you singing before." I sighed. "I know I sound like a dying cat." She playfully pushed me. "Oh, hush up, you are an amazing singer." I smiled and thanked her. "So, how long are you going to have to have that thing on your ankle?" She asked me. "I have it for two weeks. Though I have a check up on Saturday like an hour before we have to leave and I might be able to get it off then." "Fingers crossed." I smiled and crossed my finger. I was hoping to get this thing off since the time I woke up with it on, but I'm nervous that I'm going to have to sing in front of a Justin Bieber audience. That's like thousands of people. "So, how's it going with Justin?" I smiled at him. "It's going great. I am truly in love with him." "I can tell that he loves you too. He can't take his eyes off of you." I looked at him and he winked at me. He pointed to himself, made a heart, then pointed to me. I knew that he was gesturing that he's saying 'I love you'. I did it back only add two fingers to the end. "Well, I have to go rehearse so, I'll see you tonight." She side hugged me and left. I turned on my phone and took a picture of J. I posted it on Twitter saying, 'My babe at rehearsals. Love him<3 @justinbieber' I  posted it and there was already many likes and retweets. I laughed and put my phone away. J came down for a water break. "Hey, what you laughing about?" I looked at him. "I posted a picture of you and there was a lot of retweets two seconds later." He looked at me. "You what?" "I posted a picture of you." "How could you do this to me. Now all the fans are going to be here." He said. I frowned. "Sorry." He smiled and kissed me. "Just kidding babe. I got ya." I punched him playfully. "Oww, what was that for?" "You scared me half to death, I thought you were really mad at me." He stood me up and hugged me. "Baby, I love you." I smiled. "I love you too."

We kissed. "Can you come on stage with me?" "Sure, just let me get my crutches." He turned around and crouched down. "Piggy back." I laughed. "Are you sure?" "Just get on my back." I smiled and hopped on. I positioned my self that it wouldn't hurt and he walked to the stage. His dancers brought out a stool and I sat on it. He handed me a mic. "Why am I using this?" "Think of a song that you like and sing it.'' "Alone?'' He nodded. "I'm not comfortable with that." "Please." I sighed and nodded. I thought of a song. "I'll sing So Sick by Ne-Yo." He smiled and nodded. I sang the song. I smiled when I heard clapping coming from everyone. "Thanks." I looked down and blushed. I looked up when my face went back to its normal color. "So, when's your concert?" I asked him. "In an hour." "Boy, you better go get ready!" He laughed. "Come on then." "Where am I going?" "With me." I nodded and he gave me a piggy back ride to the audience. I grabbed my crutches and we went to his dressing room. "How are you doing?" J asked me as he was getting his hair done. "I'm good. Just hoping that I will be able to get this thing off in my next check up." He nodded. I went on my phone while he was getting his outfit on. "Hey, what time is it?" He asked me. "6:45." I told him then said, " I'll be right back." I got my crutches and went out the door. I dialed Shawn's number. "Hello?" "Hey Shawn." "Finally you called me!" "Sorry a lot has been going on." "It's ok, so how is everything?" That's the question I dreaded to answer. "Well, something did happen." "What?" He asked concerned. "I kind of sprained my ankle pretty badly and am using crutches." "WHAT? Why wasn't I told about this." "I'm sorry, I just didn't know what to say." "It's alright. Are you going to be good?" "Yea... so there is something else." "What?" He asked concerned again. "Well, I was singing  and J heard me, a day later he asked me to sing but I did only because he was going to sing with me. He stopped half way through the song. Everyone else heard me and Scooter says that I should sing in front of a crowd. So when I am done with the thing for my ankle. I'm going to be singing with J at one of his concerts." "That's amazing sis! I'm so proud that you are becoming more confident." "Thanks Shawn." "No problem, just call me soon. I have to go. I love you." "I love you too! Bye!" "Bye!"

J came out of the dressing room and we went to the stage. I stood where I have been and gave him his good luck kiss. Demi finished her songs and stood by me as J's concert started. Kenny left to pick the OLLG since I had the wrap on my foot. I remembered I got the number from the last OLLG ,Leslie, and decided to text her.

K: Heyy, it's Kelly!

She texted back like not even a minute.

L:Hey! What's up with you. I heard about your ankle.

K:Really, wow... I guess the word gets out.

L:Yea, it's all over the internet.

K:Great, anyway, I have to go. J's concert is done. Maybe we can hang out tomorrow.

L:That would be great! Well ok, byeeeee!:)



J came off stage and kissed me. "Great concert babe." "Thanks, come on." We went to his tour bus and he took a shower, while I watched some T.V. He came and sat next to me. "Hey J, you remember that OLLG from your first concert?" He nodded. ''Would it be ok if she came and hung out with Missy and I?" "Sure." I smiled and kissed him. I laid my head on his shoulder. I moved my leg a little and pain shot up. I winced. "Are you ok?" I nodded. He got up and got my medication. "Here." I took it and smiled at him. "Thanks J." "Anytime babe. And if you are ever hurt tell me." I nodded. He sat and I put my head on his shoulder again. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my head. I yawned. "Go to sleep baby." I nodded and he started sing Fall by himself of course. I was out before his could get to the chorus.


A/N I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRRRYYYYYYY!!!!  I haven't update for so long. School is tiring and I had already gotten homework on the second and third day of school. I will do another chapter tonight! Also I changed Jessi's name to Leslie because the texting with Justin and then her would have been confusing.   LOVE YOU ALL!!!<3 Much more to come. Sorry again.



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