Spread Your Wings

Passion Jade was just a regular girl... Who had just another regular dream. She knew she could reach it if she tried. She made a promise to her mother that she would do everything she could to reach that goal. There's only one problem... She lives in an abusive house hold and people bring her down all the time. Bullies and her father. Her father was a great person until her mother died. After her mother died he lost and started drinking and hurting Passion. The only one who know's her dreams will come true is her bestfriend Rebecca Hamilton or Becca. Together there a group called, 'Sometime Soon'. Will they ignore all the mean and rude comments and get somewhere or will they listen to the coments and really get nowhere?


1. Spreading My Wings

Congradulations! The fact that your reading this means alot to me. It means you actully care to read it and that's all I could ask from any one! Trust me. So let me take you on my jorney to my dream.

I wake up to my alarm signaling me to wake up. I turn it off and get up and get changed hoping not to wake dad. I put on my school uniform. It's a black shirt with a knee high plaid red and black skirt. I put on some black converses and put my long black hair into a pony tail.

I hear a honk outside and run out to see Becca. I smiled at her and my dad comes out. "Hey keep it quiet people are trying to sleep here! Passion your gettin' it when you get home!"

I frowned and nodded going to Becca's car.

"Happy 18th Birthday! We have a gig at the Coffee shop down town tonight! It's called 'Big Mama's' why? I don't know," Becca said and I laughed.

"Great!" I smiled.

When we got to Prepton High (only for rich kids, but me and Bec was an execption, because were supper smart!)

"Hey wierdo's when ya gonna give up on that stupid dream of yours!" Katie said. (Chearleading captin)

"Yea nerds!" Jack. (Football jock)

We sighed and waited for free period.

When free period/Lunch came we went to the autitorum to practice. Singing songs like 'Best Song Ever' by: One Direction and 'Haunted' by: Taylor Swift.

Once we were done we couldn't wait til tonight. We were gonna be on the News paper and I was siked about it all!

That night I was wearing a long flowey purple dress with my hair curly. I had to put make up on because my dad had hit me when I got home. I just wanted to get on that stage. because it makes me forget everything I'm going through.

I put on my mothers necklace. It was a pink dimond heart shaped one. She gave to me the day she died. She said to keep it to remind me of our promise. My mama had always told me to spread my wings and fly.

We got up on stage and started singing, 'When I Look at You' by: Miley Cyrus. I think we sound great doing that song!

When we were done I smiled as the small crowd cheered. By the end of the night we had about fifty dollars each in cash. We got paid at the end of the week, but the fifty each was tips.

We were about to leave when a tall skinny black man in a gray suit came in. "Girls I would like to call me as soon as you can!" He handed us his card and left... Wierd.

Later that night I stay over at Becca's and we called him. 

"Hello?" I herd a woman say.

"Hey I would like to speak to... Mr. Scooter?" I ask.

"I'll put you right through." She said and did.

We told him where we meet and get this HE WANTED US IN A RECORDING STUDIO!!! 


I guess that's what got us here. On stage in Madison Square Garden surrounded by about 100,000 people. We sold out less than ten minutes. I don't live with my father anymore. Instead my own house with Becca of course. Me and her were looking over the crowd and smiled.

"Hello New York!" I said and the crowd roared.

"It's great to see you all!" Becca smiled. The crowd was screaming and shouting and I loved it.

"Y'all are... Wow! Huge crowd thank you for seeing us tonight!" I said. "This first song goes out to all of you who are reaching for there goals trying to ignore what everyone else says! This is our cover of wings by: Little Mix!" 

the crowd screamed and the music started. I kiss my necklace and started singing,

"Mama told me not waste my life. She said spread your wings my little butterfly!" 

That's my story.

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