There once were two best friends but they were also twins. Their brother is in the most famous boy band in the world. his name is Famous HARRY STYLES.

AND we are his twin sisters Hannah and Alexandra STYLES. and this is the story about how harry became famous and now he is finally returning home to his now 17 year old, all grown up twin sisters. BUT he is not returning home alone the rest of One Direction we be joining us for our old Summer vacation at our family beach house.


12. Water FIGHT

Hannah's POV

I heard Harry scream "What the hell" then some random girl threw him in the water which I thought was hilarious Then Harry came back up and turned around and Yelled " Kat your so dead" she smirked and ran and I laughed so her name is Kat but I think it's short for something and from that I knew Alex is not happy about Harry's new GF but before I could finish thinking I was thrown in the air and under water All I knew who ever did that was going DOWN

After I came back up I saw Louis standing their with a cheeky smile but before I could do anything Alex was being thrown in by Zayn and after she was up from under the water I gave her one look and she knew what I meant " these boys are dead"

We dived under the water and swam to the shore when we finally got out the ocean we ran to the house and found water guns and we started spraying the boys We left Harry out but I think Alex sprayed him on purpose for not telling her he had a girl friend but hey its harry he is always sneaky

after we finish torching the boys we pushed them into the water and waited for them to come up from under the water and then out of no where Niall screams

We all look over to see he has a fish in his pants we all laugh so hard everyone gets out the water Alex ran up to the house I followed her being sure the boys didn't see me 

I watched her make her way over to her phone she had picked it up unlocking it she nearly froze 

Then she typed really fast and stop I hid around the corner she jumped when her phone started ringing she answered it 

"What do you want Brandon?" I froze

`````````Authors Note``````

sorry its a short chapter it all we had in drafts and its been so long we're super really badly sorry but we will try and make longer chapters or update more we love you guys keep liking commenting and favoriting <3

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