There once were two best friends but they were also twins. Their brother is in the most famous boy band in the world. his name is Famous HARRY STYLES.

AND we are his twin sisters Hannah and Alexandra STYLES. and this is the story about how harry became famous and now he is finally returning home to his now 17 year old, all grown up twin sisters. BUT he is not returning home alone the rest of One Direction we be joining us for our old Summer vacation at our family beach house.


6. Swiming on Youtube

Harry's POV

I woke up to Music blasting I got up and walked toward the sound I ended up at Alex's door she was listening to 'Smile' by Avril Lavigne I open the door to her NEW room she was skateboarding on her half pipe in her room I just left her and went down stairs to find evryone awake "Hey sleepy head" Hannah said I gave her a 'whatever' smile and walke dto the kitchen and grabbed some cereal 'Yes we got lucky charms my favorite' I thought and ate my cereal

Alex's POV

I was skating in my room thinking about everything then I got off my skate board and went to my Laptop and I put on 'Forever young' By my one and only brother and his band and sung along

Let's dance in style,
Let's dance for a while,
Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies,
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst,
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

I got throught the first verse then I felt like someone was behind me I turn and saw Zayn he was smirking I laughed at him "What are you doing watching me like that?" I said making him sound guilty "Nothing I just heard the sound of an angel so I had to check it out" he said flirting I blushed and turned back around the song came to an end then I put  a playlist on it was all P!nk I loved her me and Zayn talked a little then Hannah came in "time to update!" she said not noticing Zayn "Oh! Sorry guys um but Alex it's time" she said I looked at the time it was Noon I smiled "Ok I'll go later girls" Zayn said

Every week since Harry left me and Hannah would post Videos of Us singing last week it was 'Here's to never growing up' by Avril Lavigne tons of people requested it then I pulled up our youtube page and looked at the request we got a bunch of request for 'Best Song Ever' by our brother again we laughed  and we learned the lyrics in no time then we sung it and posted the video after that we decided to go outside to the pool


Alex's bikini^^

Hannah's Outfit^^


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