There once were two best friends but they were also twins. Their brother is in the most famous boy band in the world. his name is Famous HARRY STYLES.

AND we are his twin sisters Hannah and Alexandra STYLES. and this is the story about how harry became famous and now he is finally returning home to his now 17 year old, all grown up twin sisters. BUT he is not returning home alone the rest of One Direction we be joining us for our old Summer vacation at our family beach house.


7. Poooool Time!!!

Hannah POV

Me and Alex went downstirs and Harry stared at us the other boys were watching the telly and Liam was in the Loo "What you two going do?" Harry asked "What does it look like were going to do?" Alex said being a smart-ass as usual I laughed "were going to the pool Haz" I said then Harry jumped from his seat "I'm coming.. How bout you guys?" Harry said asking the boys then Louis and Zayn looked over and they whistled me and Alex blushed and they got up too as well as Niall but Liam walked out the bathroom and said "Nah I'm hanging out with Dani today" he said and grabbed his keys and left, the boys fled upstairs to change and me and Alex went to the pool we sat on the chairs and tanned soon the boys arrived

Harry jumped right in and created a huge splash "Idiot" I heardx Alex mutter under her breathe I laughed Niall jumped in after Harry creating a semi-equal splash but I was worried about the other two they started walking toward me and Alex 'Crap!' I thought then I pretended they weren't there and grabbed a magizine and starte to read then the Magizine flew out my hand and I was in the air I saw Lou holding me high in the Air and Zayn had Alex... I tried to squirm then I saw Alex still reading her Magizine and LAughing I soon burst into Laughter then I was flying I couldn't stop laughing and got a mouth full of water as I was dropped in the pool I came up and saw Alex with her Magzine flying in her MAgizine got soaked she did to but when you mess withg anything she is reading world war III begins I sat back and watched then I felt a splash behind me and arms around my waist I blushed instantly

Alex POV

Did he just through me in the pool?! I got out and walked calmly over to him he was Laughing to hard to see me so then I pushed him in and he did one of those slow motion falls I started Laughing like crazy then I cannon balled in and swam over to him "Never interrupt a girls reading" I said and grabbed his foot and flipped him over when he came up he was coughing a little "Your welcome" I said and turn and saw Lou holding Hannah...Or a cherry I'm not sure they were both pretty close I mean like she is deep red then Harry went to the egde to talk to Niall Niall joined inside the pool and Harry yelled "Truth or Dare! LOUIS!" oh god were all going to die in this pool "DARE!" Lou yelled back then we all swam over to Harry and Niall Lou was still holding Hannah "Ok so I dare you to... go get some gelletin mix and poor it into the pool" Lou laughed and jumped out he came back with the whole box and poored it in then he jumped in and made jello "done noe Truth or dare Hannah." Louis said "Dare!" she said cheekily I looked at lou who also had a cheeky smile "I dare you to..." he then wispered in her ear poor Hannah "Oh Ok" she looked completely calm then she Kissed Lou right on the lips in front of Harry...Harry's face went from shocked to WTF? in a funny way I laughed crazily and then Hannah broke away and wispered in Lou's ear everyone got confused "Truth or dare ZAyn" Hannah said 'Crap' I knew either HAnnah or Harry would do something "Dare" Zayn said "I Dare you to.. kiss Alex..underwater" she said my eyes widen then I mouthed to Hannah 'your Dead' then Zayn pulled me close 'Crap CRap Crap!' I thought the we went under water and he kissed me I am going to murder Hannah we came back up and Harry was smirking "truth or DAre Alex" Zayn said "Truth" I said still in shock Zayn had a huge smirk on his face "did you like the kiss?" he said I just wanted to be stabbed right there "Y-Yes" I said quickily but everyone caught it and Hannah was Happy I was so angry at her "Truth or Dare Hannah" now I was out to get her "DAre" she said I smirked " I dare you to go to the Neighbors house in your bikini and sing 'ice cream and cake' song" I said HArry laughesd so hard he couldn't stay above to water "fine" she said and me and everyone got out and watched her ...I said I was out to get her right? I pulled out my phone and video taped her when she hd finished shge walked over proud I was still video taping and she saw I kept laughing and ran to the pool saving the video I hid my phone and she looked humiliated I just Laughed then Hannah and everyone came back "truth or Dare Niall" she said Niall popped up surprised "Dare" he said "I dare you to.. prank call Simon" she said he got up and got the house  phone  and came in again he dialed Simon after awhile Niall started talking in an American Accent "Yo dude your pizzza is here..and don't forget that will be 200 dollars" then we heard yelling at the other end of the phone everyone tried to contain their laughter and Niall put it on speaker "-LOUIS!! is that you!!" we burst into laughter "GUYS! THIS ISN'T FUNNY-" Niall hung up and everyone was laughing so hard

~~After a While~~

Hannah's POV

"Come on guys let's go to NAndo's" Niall said again "I'm cool with it" me and Alex said in unison which everyone thought was funny except Harry "Sure Sounds good" Zayn said after exchanging faces "NANDO'S IT IS!!" Lou yelled I laughed and we got out the pool and changed

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