There once were two best friends but they were also twins. Their brother is in the most famous boy band in the world. his name is Famous HARRY STYLES.

AND we are his twin sisters Hannah and Alexandra STYLES. and this is the story about how harry became famous and now he is finally returning home to his now 17 year old, all grown up twin sisters. BUT he is not returning home alone the rest of One Direction we be joining us for our old Summer vacation at our family beach house.



Hannah's POV

I changed into a little sailor out fit

I walked to Alex's room to see her outfit

I laughed at her shirt 'This Loser' I thought she glared at me as if she heard it we laughed and walked downstairs the boy were all wearing their personal classic outfits

I laughed 'Are they trying to get recognized'  then we walked out the boy all fit in Harry's car then we realized we had to sit on someones lap and before I could think Alex was on Zayn's and me on Lou's and we pulled off

We arrived at Nando's and Niall jumped out the car which I was confused by because he was between me on Lou and Alex on Zayn I don't know we all got out and Lou held my hand then we got our sits and the waiter came over thank god it was a guy Alex gets super jealous she's a bit OVER-protective we sat down and the Waiter continued to look at me and Alex and smiled toward us only then Lou grabbed my hand again and Zayn grabbed Alex's he looked sad for a moment but then continued our drinks came then we just acted like idiots the Waiter came back several times and continued to smile

I leaned on Lou's shoulder to calm him because he had gotten a little angry at the waiter then he wrapped me in a hug and smiled at me Alex and Zayn were deep in a conversation and the other guys were trying to flirt with the three girls at another table then I looked out the window to see some guy watching us then a flash I turned to Lou "I think the paps are here" I told him his eyes widen then another flash "Haz lets go!" Lou said and the boys  jumped up me and Alex trailing behind I saw Harry drop a paper on the girls table 'Classic Harry' I thought then we were in the car and pulling off "How do they find us?" Liam said nobody answered we got back home and Alex ran up to her room I walked to mine as well

~~About half an hour later~~

I heard a knock on the door then it opened it was Louis I smiled and sat up on my bed he came and sat next to me "you OK Love?" he asked I nodded he hugged me and didn't let go until I pecked his cheek I can't believe it had only been a day since me and Adam broke up and Brandon and Alex broke last night and we moved on quiet fast

Not saying me and Lou are together but he is really close emotionally and physically 'Oh god why are his eyes so pretty' I started to daze 'and his smile ...god those lip-Hannah control!' I snapped back and saw Louis inching closer to my face but this time I was nervous earlier it was a dare but this wasn't I smashed my lips into his we kissed for awhile then we pulled away and smiled at each other then he cuddled me on the bed he kept kissing my cheek as we watched the telly

Alex's POV

I was in too much shock from the paps that I couldn't think so like always I started to skateboard while blasting music of course I heard Harry in his room doing who-knows-what I just thought for awhile until I slipped and fell off my skateboard hard "Ah!Ow!" I yelled then the first person I see is the one and only Zayn 'Crap did he see that' he ran over "you ok? that was a rough fall" I felt his arms lift me and I was on my bed "I'm Fine" I said not making eye contact he then got up "Sorry I helped" he said 'Damn Alex your so damn rude!' "Sorry I'm not a people person...but thanks" I said he turned and looked at me "I think that's the nicest thing you said to me so far" he said then the guilt came "Really?" I said feeling bad then he sat on my bed next to me then he put his hand on my knee and rocked it "Hey don't stress I still like you" that's when I felt like I was choking 'well I am drinking water' I started coughing "Wh-at" I said still coughing he smiled and patted my back "I like you Alex" he said 

"Oh" I said shyly putting my head down to hide my blush "Hey don't hide" he said and pulled my chin up to look in his eyes 'Crap' I got lost instantly Next thing I know he was Kissing me and me kissing him 'I don't understand you Alex....I know You don't...Shut up...I'm I really do this right now' Did I really just argue with myself 'Focus your lips are on his!!...OH!' we pulled away he looked at me searchy then I smiled he look satisfied then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out my room and downstairs everyone was asleep

He put me on the counter I glared at him and he peck my cheeks then poured a water bottle out and filled it with vinegar I laughed "look at who the bad boi is now" I said and he kissed me then put the water bottle in the fridge then we went back to my room and he hugged me from the back "What are you doing?" I asked laughing "Never letting you go" he said then I went to my bed and he joined and held me damn he is damn! I got up from my bed and walked into my closet and saw Hannah also going to her side we changed into our pajamas

Hannah's PJ's ^^

Alex's PJ's

"don't be trying anything Alex" Hannah said smirking "Says the one who put her favorite PJ's on" I said back she gave me her 'Shut up' face and left to her room and me to mine then I heard a loud whistle "SHUT UP HARRY" I said slamming  the door and turning to Zayn who was looking me up and down like a perv "What?" I said "N-Nothing you just look ..Hot" I looked at my PJ's once more "Seriously" I said he nodded "I Love Cookie Monster!" He said lifting me in his arms making me laugh then he sat me on the bed and we turned the TV on and watched Seasame Street 'Convenient' Soon Both me and Zayn were sleeping I heard Zayn snoring and I felt cozy 'Leave me alone!'

Hannah's POV

After Changing I ran back up to my room and jumped on Louis his bum was facing up and he was under the covers so I was on his back "Hello" I said in his ear "HI!" he yelled in my ear "Ow! Lou?" I frowned playing around and sat up so did he then I realize he was shirtless "Oh My God Lou put a shirt on" I said not really wanting him to

"Nah I like it like this" He said then grabbed me under the covers and held me we watched the telly for a little while then I snuggled into his arms Then he started to kiss the back of my neck "Lou?" I asked then he continued to the front and left a deep love bite "Lou? um could we not....not yet" I said my voice shaking a little then he pulled away "I'm Sorry I Should know better" he told me I didn't say anything else I didn't  know what to say

I fell asleep in his chest as he whispered in my ear  I kissed his cheek before I fell into a sweet dream

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