There once were two best friends but they were also twins. Their brother is in the most famous boy band in the world. his name is Famous HARRY STYLES.

AND we are his twin sisters Hannah and Alexandra STYLES. and this is the story about how harry became famous and now he is finally returning home to his now 17 year old, all grown up twin sisters. BUT he is not returning home alone the rest of One Direction we be joining us for our old Summer vacation at our family beach house.


11. Leaving!

Harry POV

After the drama from the two days we were packing the cars it was a little after 6 and we were almost finished Hannah Liam and Lou would be in a car together Zayn Alex and Niall would be together and I would be with my girlfriend Katherine

She looked dangerous but she was actually a sweet heart I love that she can look so dangerous but be so sweet

We all got to our assigned cars and started I was leading because the boy didn't know where to go the beach house wasn't far only a hour and a half away and I couldn't wait for them gang to meet Katherine I haven't told anyone I even had a girlfriend but she was defiantly a keeper and all her little things 

About half way we had to stop because apparently Niall was going to die without food and everyone was a little hungry as well and what a little snacks but I didn't want them to see Katherine yet so we went to a near by coffee shop while the gang got snacks It was getting tricky to keep hiding Kat because I just wanted to tell the whole world I don't know what it is about her something special that makes me want her instead of every girl in the world

After we got our coffee and snacks and Niall practically bought the store we headed to the beach house I don't know but the trip was shorter than I remember and I guess the girls did too because they weren't sleepy especially Alex who mostly sleeps the whole time and Zayn too

I still had to hid Kat so we could get in the beach house

The beach house was like a sky blue which I thought was cool but girly but I guess everyone liked it because they wasted no time in getting in the house that I really didn't have to hid Kat because they weren't paying attention

When Me and Kat walked in Niall was in the kitchen eating Oreo's Liam was on the deck looking at the beach Alex was crushing Zayn on the Wii and Hannah and Louis were umm gone

I faked coughed to get everyone's attention which was harder than I thought but they finally turned around and saw Kat Everyone practically drop everything and ran and attack Kat some in a good way some in a bad way 'ALEX ' I thought and as if she read my mind she screamed and ran to the beach with Liam and Zayn behind her and the rest of us behind them because they were to fast.....

Finally we catch up and all I see is Hannah and Lou in the Ocean having a make out session

" What the hell " I screamed then I was thrown in the water

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