There once were two best friends but they were also twins. Their brother is in the most famous boy band in the world. his name is Famous HARRY STYLES.

AND we are his twin sisters Hannah and Alexandra STYLES. and this is the story about how harry became famous and now he is finally returning home to his now 17 year old, all grown up twin sisters. BUT he is not returning home alone the rest of One Direction we be joining us for our old Summer vacation at our family beach house.


3. He returns after 3 years....

After 3 years

Alex's POV

I just woke up after a good nights rest and today it has been exactly 3 years sense OUR beloved older brother Harry became Famous and joined the boy band One Direction. I just wish he would return already. it's been so long sense we've have talk and I really miss him. " Hey where's Hannah" I thought to my self. It is already 1pm and she is still not up.

I walked down the hall to Hannah's room to wake her up but she wasn't there. 'where is she' I thought again. 'MMMM maybe in the kitchen' I thought. Then I made my way to the Kitchen downstairs.



She was there making Pancakes I screamed. I ran and grabbed at least 7 pancakes and BACON. Hannah ate like 4 pancakes and a little bacon. And yes we eat Breakfast at 1pm..

"So Hannah when do you think Harry will be back" I ask. " I don't know Alex It's been 3 years and almost 2 with no contact" Hannah says a little harshly. " yeah I know but he could at least call god damn it" I almost scream

Then all of a sudden 5 boys walk through the door

Screaming and chanting " WE'RE HOME JELLY BELLIES." I almost fell out my seat when I heard Harry and our old nick name. Then we see Harry and I was at a lost for words. " huh? why what? how? what? here. you. now. what. HARRY?!!" I scream and run to him. While Hannah dropped to the floor crying and studdering something I  have no clue what...

Hannah's POV

When I saw Harry I just couldn't move I'm usually the first one to the door but I just couldn't I don't know if I was happy or mad. I guess I was happy but why is he here and he brought the 'boys'.  I'm sorry I'm grumpy I just broke up with my boyfriend for two years last night and I'm not in the mode for any of this. But Alex and Brandon have had a ruff time they are bound to break up soon.

" I can't do this" I scream and run outside to the tree-house

Me and Alex built this as an escape root from the world and only me and her know the password...

PASSWORD: July 23' 2010

The day everything changed

'What the hell I thought to my self before I cried myself to sleep'

Alex's POV

I said hey to Harry and then Hannah freaked out I relized she ran out to the tree house I told Harry I'd be back and ran to the tree house I knocked 3 times as result from the day that changed our lives and said the password I walked in and she was sleeping "Han........Han........Hannah?" she woke up  "what?" she asked "whats wrong?" I asked "nothing....Who said anything was wrong?" she said I gave her a duh face "Dude I'm your twin sister" I said with little sass "




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