There once were two best friends but they were also twins. Their brother is in the most famous boy band in the world. his name is Famous HARRY STYLES.

AND we are his twin sisters Hannah and Alexandra STYLES. and this is the story about how harry became famous and now he is finally returning home to his now 17 year old, all grown up twin sisters. BUT he is not returning home alone the rest of One Direction we be joining us for our old Summer vacation at our family beach house.


1. Goodbye Hazza

Hannah POV

"I can't believe he is really leaving" Alex said "He has to follow his dreams sis" I told her "B-But what about his sisters I mean like we're only 15 how can he just leave and not think about it " She pouted "But you would do the same if it was you" I said "Bu-I- AH!" she said and left downstairs in the living room

^^ Living room

I followed her to say bye to Haz "Hey Alex get your ass over here and say goodbye to Haz" I sad and hugged Haz "I'm going to miss you big brother" I told him then Alex came over "COME on Alexandra join the hug" Harry said I laughed "don't call me that for the billionth time HAROLD!" she yelled and joined our hug then mom comes in "ok guys its time to go or we will miss the flight" Alex pulled away from the hug as did I "why does it matter we aren't getting on the plane it's just you and Hazza" Alex said being stubborn as always "Alex stop that!" I nudged her and mom glared at her and we got in the car

At the Airport

The ride wasn't long but it was very quiet talk about Awkward  Harry and Mom got through security and we waved goodbye one last time I was really going to miss him once Haz and mum  got on the plane me and alex left and got a cab we would be in the house alone for a week then mom was coming back we don't know about Harry but if it went good we wouldn't see him for a long time when we got home Alex never spoke once she was way too upset and mad I would now we're twins after all I walked up to my room

Hannah's Room ^^

I got on my laptop and had e a Face time message from Harry I clicked on it

Hey the plane has WiFi face time me when you are home

I clicked on the little call button and in seconds Harry popped on my screen "Hey What's up where Alex?" he asked I looked at him and frowned "sulking as always" I said "go get her or tell her to log in" I jumped from my sit and walked to Alex's room she was in bed

Alex's room^^


"Alex Harry wants you on Face time" I said and her head popped up and she ran over to her computer and logged in I ran to my computer and saw ALex's face popped up  in requested to join the chat Harry accepted it before I could "HEY! girls how is everything so far?" Mom came on Harry's screen "everything is fine!" we said in unison "So whats your plans for the week?" Harry asked smirking "Nothing really. Why do you ask?" I said getting a little smart he was still smirking "Because I know you guys have a lot of skater 'guy' friends" He said "Harry!" Alex yelled covering her face  "well we do have a skate park we love to go to" I said tomorrow was the first day of winter I couldn't wait to ride the slippery slopes "yea I guess but Alex.. How are things with you and Brandon?" Harry asked I started dying of laughter as Alex was freaking out "Harry! your horrible!" she screamed then we finished that and went to bed the next few days were lonely but we had our friends come over and chill at the skate park 'pool' 

The last day we were suppose to be alone we were watching Xfactor it was HArry's day we watched every other day and Harry face timed us everyday we were watching Harry's performance and we freaked out when two of the judges said yes "AH!!!!" we screamed then we relaxed the next day mom came home and we talked for so long me and alex watched X-factor every week and we we're very happy Harry formed a band and became really close with them I mean like he has always wanted brothers not that he doesn't love us but we were happy for him then week 10 came we only knew they were going to win we had been watching the video diary's sadly Harry was sick one week  but they had gotten so far then the finally came and they lost it all they came in 3rd we cried a lot for him then the phone rang it was Harry we talked for awhile but then he had to go we continued to watch

Then mom came down and told us Harry was going on tour with the band we were very happy for him but then Alex got mad mom told us how long he would be gone and Alex had a melt down I waited to go to my room and breakdown we were twin we felt the same but we handled it differently  we got over all of it and without thinking we went through three long years


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