Adopted by One Direction.....Great

Jasmines parents died two years ago,when she was 14, and she had to leave her friends,boyfriend,and was put innto an orphanage. She was quiet and was always the tomboy everyone hated. When she got picked to be the adopted child will she survive and which guy will fall for her?


2. Going In the Right Direction

                      We got home and  the boys said louis' girlfriend,eleanor, and zayn's,perrie,and liam's,danielle,were going to come. I was really hoping that thes e weren't those preppy girls like in the movies. I just sat there playing my Xbox360  and beat all the boys. They are okay for now. A few minutes after all the video game fun there was a knock at the door and the girls came in and I could not believe how pretty they were. They came in and started squealing. Oh so they are those kind of girls. I could't believe that these girls were so girly but hey I need some friends or things will definetly turn ugly with the paparratzie.  We all got up and introduced ourselves After all of that we decieded to go and fix the roomom and just chat. We walked up and went to my huge room and it was way to girly. We fixed up my room and unpacked for a while. We  talked alot and it was killing me. They finally left and I went to sleep right after that because that was tourture. I had a long sleep until 11:00 and someone was really close to waking me up. I finally woke up and walked down stairs and no one was there. I was worried and looked everywhere and finally saw niall in his room sleeping with a large pizza I quietly took it and walked out slowly and he woke up and tried to attack me. I quickly ran out and locked the door. I ate all the pizza then let him have the box. "Dammmmmmn girl you can eat. Definetly can."  After kinda hanging out with the boys and eating most of their food the girls came over and we all decided to hang out and I was okay with that.Everyone came to the living room and we all became sweet friends. All the girls actually weren't so bad and I guess it is okay to be girly sometimes. I already heard that fangirls and paparatzie hate me but hey I think I am going in the right direction.

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