Adopted by One Direction.....Great

Jasmines parents died two years ago,when she was 14, and she had to leave her friends,boyfriend,and was put innto an orphanage. She was quiet and was always the tomboy everyone hated. When she got picked to be the adopted child will she survive and which guy will fall for her?


3. A New Boyfriend


                          I went up to my room and started to play on the computer and there was a knock at my door. "Hello." said Niall "Hey!"" "Can I ask you a question?  asked Niall "Sure!" "Can I kiss you?" he asked "What??!!?? "You are special and I really like you!" he said I couldn't believe any person would like me after my ex  two years ago. I couldn't answer him. "Please just let me kiss you and then you can say yes or no. I nodded yes. I was probably going to regret this. We got closer and closer until our lips touched It felt like electricity. The kiss got heated and it became a full makeout session for five minutes. "Wow you are one good kisser and probably are going to be a great boyfriend. We both smiled and started to kiss a little more. "We should probably keep this a secret. We agreed to keep it a secret and then started to talk a lot more and found out we had a lot in common. Niall finally left the room and I went to sleep happy.I really am happy that i got One Direction now!

                                                                               3 weeks later

 Niall and I have secretly been datinng and have been thinking it was time to tell everyone the truth.  We both  felt really guilty to keep it a secret. So, it is now time to see what they think.I woke up to Niall's face saying"Good Morning Beautiful!. "Good Morning" We were worried but we knew it was time to tell every one.. "Hey you two." said Zayn "Everybody come down hear said Niall in his super cute accent "What do you guys want." said Louis  "We have had a secret for the past a while!" I said "What is it?" said Liam "Niall and I have been dating for the past a few weeks!" "Niall you are in so much trouble!" yelled Liam"Come on Liam,Niall's got game!" Louis said while laughing Everyone was shocked but Niall and me just smiled! I don't know if this will work out but hopefully  i made a good desicion dating Niall!

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