Switch Bodies (One Direction Fanfic)

What will happen if four of your friends can't remember you especially if your four friends are from One Direction? Liam survived the car crash with only minor injuries except for Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis who remember nothing from the accident and even their name. Betrayal will occur, violence and blood. Who will you trust if you don't know who your enemy is?


2. I remember now

Harry's P.O.V.

I can't remember anything, my parents, friends or ex-girlfriends. I don't know who's Liam, Louis, Zayn, or Niall. All I can remember is sitting with this blonde girl in a bar. This Liam guy keeps saying the same story over and over. He's starting to get on my nerves. I can almost memorise the story he keeps saying.
I am getting bored in this house, nothing to do, it's like I'm in prison some how. It's almost 3 months until I got here and I'm still thinking of a plan how to get out of here. Maybe tomorrow, tomorrow Liam will visit his girlfriend Danielle, maybe I can escape from here. So, here's my plan:
Liam will leave at about 8:00 am when all of us will suppose to sleep.
And when he's gone, I can go sneak out the house and leave.

--------the next day-------------

''Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis ill be leaving today at 8:00. I guess you'll remember that. Eleanor will stay with you for the night.''
Liam explained.

''Who's Eleanor? Is she your sister or something??'' Louis asked.

''She's your girlfriend Louis. Do you remember her?'' Liam asked.

''No but I'll try to remember.''
Louis replied.

''So what time are you going to come back??'' Harry asked

''Maybe about 12:00. Why do you asked??''
Liam asked suspicious.

''Nothing much!!''
Harry replied.

Yes!! I have a lot of time escaping!
All I have to do is wait until Liam leave. 

It was almost 8:00 and Liam checked every room in the house to see if everyone is sleeping. I heard a girl's voice talking to Liam..

''So Eleanor, if they try to escape just call me as soon as possible or if you need anything you know you can call me.''
Liam explained.

''Okay, I'll keep that in mind.''
Eleanor replied.

''Thank you it means a lot.''
Liam said.

Eleanor said.. 

Liam left the house and Eleanor went to the living room and watch a movie.

Liam knows my plan, now that Eleanor chick will try to stop me but she's a girl, I can take her down easily. I open my door very slowly and closed it. I tiptoed downstairs and saw Eleanor still awake.. Is she a guard and will be up all night just to make sure that no one will escape??'' I went to the kitchen and get a pan but I drop it..

''Louis, Zayn, Niall or Harry is that you??''
Eleanor asked in a scared voice.

''Hello?? Is someone there???''
Eleanor keep asking..

Eleanor went to the kitchen and turn on the lights but no one is there. She walked outside and checked. Harry waited for the right moment and hit Eleanor in the head using the pan. It's too late for Eleanor to scream and she fall on the ground. Blood was everywhere and Harry dropped the pan and ran outside.

Louis P.OV.

I heard a loud noise downstairs and I got worried.. I went downstairs as quickly as possible, I didn't mind waking up the others. When I got downstairs, I saw the T.V was on and I turned it off. Then I saw the kitchen light is on and when I got there, I saw a girl on the ground and blood was everywhere. I drop down to my knees and start to cry but I don't know why and my head starts to hurt. All memories come rushing through me and I remember everything. I'm Niall Horan from the band One Direction. I recognise the girl now, he's Eleanor. Louis girlfriend. I get her hand and checked if she's still alive but she's dead. She lost a lot of blood. How can I tell this to Louis??? I was about to call the ambulance when I saw my reflection in the glass door, I looked like Louis!! Why do I look like Louis. Am I in Louis body?? How did this happened??

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