Switch Bodies (One Direction Fanfic)

What will happen if four of your friends can't remember you especially if your four friends are from One Direction? Liam survived the car crash with only minor injuries except for Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis who remember nothing from the accident and even their name. Betrayal will occur, violence and blood. Who will you trust if you don't know who your enemy is?


8. Ghost

Harry's P.O.V

I escaped and that all that matters. I got worried that they will catch me but I survived. I'm back to ''I have no home'' routine. Ugh, why does my life have to be like this??? The polices, Niall, Louis are finding me but they all know they won't. I've been walking everywhere and don't know where to go. Sometimes I just want to surrender to the police but then again I won't. I saw an empty store and abandoned store. I went inside and spider webs welcomed me. It looks creepy inside, I saw canned foods on the floor, broken windows and a lot of spider webs. I'm so tired and I decided to sat on the cold empty ground. Then I heard a familiar voice speaking to me.. I don't know if I'm dreaming or it's true.

''Harry, this is all your fault!!''

A girl said.

''Who are you?? Show yourself!!''

Harry asked a little scared.

''You know me, just think hard!!''

The girl replied.

''Gelry??? What are you doing here?? How do you find me??''

Harry asked.

''I killed myself because of you!''

Gelry replied.

Then I saw Gelry, there is blood on her clothes and she's holding a knife. She's getting closer to me and I closed my eyes. This is the pay for all the people I killed because of my stubbornness. Then I woke up, it was only a dream. I slowly got back to sleep.

Liam's P.O.V.

''Whatt?? Harry escaped AGAIN???''

Liam asked both Niall and Louis.

''Yes!! We didn't tell anyone!!''

Niall replied.

''Then who??''

Liam asked furious.


Louis said angrily.

''Who's Gelry??''

Liam asked.

''She's the girl that Harry kidnapped so he can hide.''

Louis explained.

''Where is she now?? Did she know where Harry went??''

Liam asked.

''No, she's dead because of Harry!''

Niall replied while looking on the ground.

''Poor girl. Harry really need to stop! Do you have any plans??''

Liam asked.

''Asked Niall! Ill go upstairs and get some rest.''

Louis replied.

Louis got upstairs and got to his room.

''Whats up with him??''

Liam asked.

''He's still upset about Eleanor's death.''

Niall explained.

Louis's P.O.V.

I don't think I can live without Eleanor in my side. I'm dead inside, if that accident didn't happened I should have been with Eleanor right now. I was planning to proposed to her in L.A. in front of all the fans but now I don't think I can love anyone. I want my life to end but I know Eleanor want me to live. I heard a voice.

''Babe, don't worry about me. I'm in a great place now.''

Eleanor said.

I felt a very cold hand on my arm but theirs no one around.

''Eleanor, I miss you so much!! I wish your here with me right now.''

Louis replied to Eleanor.

''I miss you too, Louis!! Don't think about me too much. I will be so happy if you find someone that will love you as much as I love you.''

Eleanor replied.

''I can never love anyone else!''

Eleanor are you still there??''

Louis asked but no one replied.

Louis dose of to sleep.

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