Switch Bodies (One Direction Fanfic)

What will happen if four of your friends can't remember you especially if your four friends are from One Direction? Liam survived the car crash with only minor injuries except for Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis who remember nothing from the accident and even their name. Betrayal will occur, violence and blood. Who will you trust if you don't know who your enemy is?


9. Eleanor's Back!!

As I walked in the streets, saw flyers of me and typed in bold letters "Harry Styles WANTED!' I never wanted my life to be like this! I didn't even want to be a criminal, I don't have any family in America except for my French cousin Claudette. I still remember her number, the thing is she don't speak English so she can't report me to the police. As I got to the telephone machine, I type the number as fast as I can and I heard it rang a few times. Then heard a French accent.

She asked.

"Bonjour, Claudette!"
I replied.

"Harry, Bonjour, where are you??"
She asked.

I was confused, I thought she didn't speak English but that's not the point, I need somewhere to hide.

"Claudette can I stay to your house for awhile??"
I asked.

"Sure, I'll come pick you up!!"
She said as she hung up the phone.

As usual I sat down near the garbage can and wait miracle could happen.

Harry called, I didn't make it obvious that I know what he have done. I have to call Niall!! I'm Niall's spy, I'm the one who help him find where Harry used to live with that girl Gelry. I knew Harry would call me cause after all I'm the only one he has. As I got my phone to call Niall, I heard a doorbell on my door. I didn't order anything or invited anyone, who could it be?? As I got to the living room, I got my gun ready in my jean pocket and slowly went to the door. As I unlocked the door, I slowly turned the door nub, then open the door. I saw Niall in his hoody on and I quickly let him in. As he got inside, he put his hood where it belongs. 

"What are you doing here??"
I asked concern.

"I was just curious cause you haven't call for days! So you have any report to me?!"
He asked.

"Yes, Harry called me and I'll pick him up later this afternoon!"
I said.

"So what's your plan?"
He asked as he didn't think he has one.

"I was thinking maybe, I could get him and let him in my house. Then you call the police and then solved, he's arrested!!"
I said feel proud.

"Harry is smart, he's not the kind of person that didn't think these through and he's way ahead of you in making plans. He can play with are minds."
He explained.

"We'll then you think of an idea. And what about Louis, how is he doing?"
I asked concern.

"You know as usual. He still can't get over Eleanor's death. He haven't eaten for days and he's starting to get this hallucination about Eleanor talking to him. He's always saying Eleanor's name over and over again."
He said.

"Did you try talking to him?"
I asked.

"We tried but nothing happens, we tried everything we can!"
He said almost crying feeling sorry for his best friend.

I walked toward him and hugged him.

"Things will go back to normal if we catch Harry and if you have your own bodies back."
I said as hugged him even tighter.


Harry is still on the loose, how long is he going to keep running?? Until his last breath?? Isn't he not done making are lives miserable enough? Now Louis is not himself and Zayn is doing fine, with his proposal to Perrie and next month they are going to get married. I'm here with Danielle eating dinner, I explained to her what really happens that Niall switched body to Louis. She lives here now with me, with Zayn and Louis. I don't left her here cause I don't want to happen want happen to Eleanor a few months ago. What I've notice, Danielle have been acting weird lately since she move back with me. Everyday, at 12:00pm she always go outside and meet someone in front of starbucks. I just didn't pay attention to it cause I have more stuff to handle. As we ate dinner, we heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it babe."
I said as I got up of my chair.

As I walked closer to the door, I unlocked the door and slowly open the door. When I open it, I can't believe who I saw. I saw Eleanor standing in front of my house and I blink several times and she's still standing in front of me. She has a big scar on her forehead. I can't believe it, I think my eyes has problems! Why is she still alive??

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