Switch Bodies (One Direction Fanfic)

What will happen if four of your friends can't remember you especially if your four friends are from One Direction? Liam survived the car crash with only minor injuries except for Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis who remember nothing from the accident and even their name. Betrayal will occur, violence and blood. Who will you trust if you don't know who your enemy is?


1. Car Accident

Liam called his mom that he's okay but the others are unconscious. Liam went to the hospital and saw his four bestfriends laying in hospital beds, he can't help but to cry. He loves them like brothers and all the things they do in the past 3 years are the best things that happened in his life.
The doctor comes to the room and saw Liam. 

''Will my friends be okay?''
Liam asked the doctor as he wipe the tears in his eyes.

''I can't tell right now, Liam. They all got head injuries. I hate to say this but they might have an amnesia.''
The doctor replied.

''What's amnesia Doc?''
Liam asked.

''Its where a person can't remember anything.''
The doctor replied..

''This can't happened!!'''
Liam said and he started to cry.

''Lets just pray for them, it's the best that we can do.''
The doctor said as he place his hand
On Liam's back and left the room.

Liam don't know what to do it or think, all he can think of is will his friends be all right. He sat between Harry and Niall's bed. Liam heard Harry woke up and he suddenly stand from his seat. He saw Harry's eyes slowly open and he look around the room.
''Where am I??''
Harry asked in a husky voice.

''Your in a hospital Harry.''
Liam replied.

''Who are you and who's Harry??''
Harry asked confuse.

''Im Liam, your best friend! We're in a band One Direction with Louis, Zayn, Niall, you and I.''
Liam explained.

''I don't know what your talking about!!''
Harry replied.

Liam called the doctor and the doctor came as soon as Liam called him..

''Why does Harry can't remember?? Liam asked.

''Liam, Harry has an amnesia. We don't know when he will remember you or his family or about One Direction.''
The doctor explained. 

After a couple of days Louis, Niall and Zayn woke up but they can't remember anything like Harry. 
The doctor said that they all need to go home, to refresh their memory and the doctor told Liam don't pressure them to remember.

When they got to Liam's place, Harry,Niall, Louis and Zayn didn't talk to each other.
Everyday, Liam tell them the same story of how they met and how they became in the band but nothing seems to work. Liam is positive that someday they will remember everything and things will go back to normal. 




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