romeo and juliet

its about a huge fan that loved Niall forever and she never gave up.


2. little romance

it was the night i woke up from a movie i past out on i freaked out i realized it was already 6:50 i said moaning that is not enough time to get ready but i cant let down Niall hes a celebrity. i quickly went to the bathroom and got out a brush makeup and a out fit from my room .i am not such a girly girl so i got a fancy shirt converse and skinny jeans by the time i was done it was 8:15  so i headed on down i got their at 8:45 but its better to be early then late.Niall saw me first he took my jacket and said r u a little over dressed i freaked out wondering if i was then he said it is a joke i said good because all hes wearing is a a striped v neck and dark jeans even though he looks sexy in it .then a waitress took our order for drinks then we talked about him coming to my flat after dinner i said that's great .then our drinks came and we ordered food after dinner we went in my car and he opened the door for me and gave me a kiss on the neck he said you may go in my lady. i was flattered. when we got to my flat he opened the door and said you may go in . we went in my bedroom.



          you guys ill add on more sorry i stopped at the exciting part

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