romeo and juliet

its about a huge fan that loved Niall forever and she never gave up.


1. first time we met

  hi this book will include all of one direction brook the daughter also her friend jenny ,last but not least her mom.hope you guys enjoy this book an ill add on more.


                               today i am meeting up with my friend jenny for bowling.she said she had a surprise for me .as soon as i got their every thing was set up .right before i rolled the ball i looked at the monitor that keeps track .i said''why does it say more than two people?''jenny said''SURPRISE!''

peachy poo-niall


my hair is perfect - Zayn

stripe#1 -louis

minty mint- Liam

brook asked were is all of them jenny said they should be here any minute.brook thanked jenny so many times. then they all came in . Niall said nice to meet you ,you are a pretty girl . i blushed and said thank you.he said i heard you like me. i said maybe maybe not.then the rest introduced them selves.then we started bowling i lost because i flirted with Niall to much.right after we were going to leave Niall said good bye ,and meet me at bone fish in two days at 9pm .i tried to say ok in a fancy way but it sounded like a grandma bummer.

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