And We Danced All Night (A Marcel fanfiction)

Marcel has kept it hidden that his brother is none other than *the* Harry Styles--not because he wants to (because he admires his brother with great respect for what he does), but because he doesn't want to live in his shadow. This, of course, comes with a price: He's not nearly as outgoing as his siblings are. When Samara Deanne comes to the top-level STEM school, where he attends, where will his shaky personality take him? Will she change him for the better?


5. Chapter 5

Mum sat a plate of food in front of me, an invitation to talk, not necessarily eat. We had a tradition that whoever wanted to know the information paid for dinner. On any normal occasion, it would just be regular food. Tonight, though, it happened to be my favorite dish: spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. I looked up at her with a confused look on my face.


"Why the special dinner?" I asked her.


She smiled. "Because Samara seems like a special person, and you know what I want," she emphasized.


I sighed. "We just met, Mum--"


"How did you meet?"


"In biology," I answered.


"Where is she from?"




"What are her parents like--"


"How am I suppose to know that?"


She paused. "You find out that information. We'll continue this talk later," she picked up the plate and walked away.


"Mum," I called after her. She ignored me. I could tell, though, that she was dying to laugh. "Mum, I swear, if you don't bring my food back--"


"There's food in the 'fridge," she answered.


"Where are you taking it?"


"To  my room,"




"To eat it, of course,"


I laughed, getting up to find more food. She was the biggest joker in the family. Mum always knew how to make someone laugh, even if they were feeling down.


After I finished eating, I checked my phone for any messages. I had a couple from Samara, mainly saying that she had fun today and wished me goodnight.


"I had a great time, too. Goodnight :)" I sent to her.


The next thing I was concerned about was a call from Harry:


"Hey, Marcel. It's Harry. Listen, I know that I texted you earlier, but I wanted to make a call before I went on stage. We're in London right now. It's honestly amazing here. If you remind me, next time I come by I'll take you down for the week," There was a long pause before he added. "Hey, I'm about to go on stage. If you can, call me back. Bye, Marcie!"


I laughed and dialed his number. After a few rings, I figured that he wasn't around. A couple of minutes after I hung up, my phone rang. It was Harry.




"Oh, Marcel, thank God you picked up the phone," he laughed. "How are you? How was the first day of grade 12?"


"It was alright," I answered, switching ears. "The classes are boring, the teachers are worse, and we had two students puke all over the place. It was successful, nonetheless,"


He laughed. "That's good, Did you happen to make any friends?"


"Why does it only matter if I meet someone?" No answer. I sighed. "YesImetsomeone," I mumbled out quickly.


"What? I didn't hear you?"


"You heard me perfectly clear," I said.


"Well, can you say it again? For everyone to hear?"


I gasped. "Are you guys still in your concert?"


"We've got about twenty more minutes, and we're between songs. So, what do you say? I'm sure the audience would love to hear about it," Suddenly there were screams and shouts from the audience. I blushed, knowing that upwards a hundred thousand girls would know that I met a special someone.


"So," I heard Niall say. "What do you say?"


I huffed, clearing my voice. "I met a girl at school today,"


Cheers started going off in the background. It's funny, everyone seemed like they were excited about me finding a friend. How weird.


"Lads, it's not that big of a deal--"


"Not that big of a deal?" Harry repeated. "I've watched you go through school as an outcast for seventeen years. Knowing that you have a friend now is a big deal," He laughed., Suddenly music started to play. "Hey, I've got to go. Concert's moving forward! I'll call you later,"


"Okay. Just don't tell the whole world about my life okay?"


He laughed. "That's fine. Say bye to Marcel everyone!" Screams came from everyone, including the rest of the lads. "Bye Marcel,"


"Bye, Harry," I hung up and sighed. Knowing that Harry was interested in me, even with all this fame, was enough to stay hopeful about anything.


I looked down to find another text from Samara. "Can I pick you up at seven tomorrow? We got cut short on our 'getting to know each other' dinner."


"Sure. Of course. Just send me a text when you wake up, so I'll wake up," I sent back.


I went to bed, ready for the next morning. Before I fell asleep, Samara sent a text back saying "Can't wait! :D"


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