I Hate It That I Love You

"2 weeks ago, I wouldn't have ever seen this coming. The boy I once hated entirely, I slowly started to love him, slowly, but I did."
Neither of them expected to fall in love, it just happened. Through the faults in life, nothing seemed to work between them, yet everything seemed to fit perfectly.


3. Party Tears


First, she has to stay at our house, then I have to take her to my friend's party?!? What next? I slowly made my way upstairs, madly. I tried to put all this behind. 

"Just drop her off, park the car, and avoid her all night, and drive her home" I thought.

I can dance with all the girls I want, without worrying about babysitting Molly.

I got dressed in some regular, black pants, and black and white checkered vans. I just slipped on a plain, blue tee, with a grayish jacket.

I was so ready for this party.


I hadn't really packed any party clothes. Nothing interesting or hot, so I just found some blue skinny jeans, with a short sleeve blue, white and light blue shirt. I had a black cardigan, in case it gets hot inside the house, I could easily take it off. Besides, it's snowing right now, there's only an inch of snow on the ground, but it could get colder out later.

I heard a knock on the door. I turned around. Alex.

"What?" I said putting some sass into it.

"I'm kind of your ride to this thing called a party." He said, smiling sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes. He walked away from the doorway. I smiled uncontrollably. Why was I smiling? I hated this idiot.


We arrived in front of Marcus' (Alex's best friend's) house, and Alex dropped me off. 

"Don't talk to me the rest of the night." Alex said. 

"Well, good bye to you, too." I said rudely.

"I'm serious." He said locking his jaw.

"Ok. Whatever. See you later, loser." I said, adding a slight eye roll, as I walked away.

Cole and I texted earlier and he said he was meeting me here. I walked around for a few minutes, probably looking like a loner. People were dancing and it was really hot! They were sweaty, and some of them hadn't put on deodorant. It wreaked. 

Finally, someone put their hands over my eyes and said "Guess who?" 

I turned around to see Cole standing behind me. I smiled and pecked him on the lips.

"C'mon that's all I get?" He smiled. "We haven't seen each other in forever!" 

I kissed him a bit harder, but that was all. We danced, we laughed, we kissed, we danced some more.

"You want some punch?" He screamed over the blasting music. 

I nodded cheerfully. 

I danced alone for a little bit when my friend Camryn came over.

"Hey crap bag!" She yelled, sarcastically. We have this thing, where we call each other mean things, but we don't mean it! 

"Hey pee sack!" I snapped rudely. Then giggled.

"Where's your hunky? You look like a loner!" She giggled.

"Going to get me some punch. I should probably look for him!" I smiled. 

She waved "goodbye" and I walked off to find Cole. I made my way, shoving and saying "excuse me" to people dancing in the way, until I finally reached the refreshments table. I didn't see Cole anywhere. I walked around some more, until I saw him, but not exactly what I wanted to see. 

He was kissing, Megan. Captain of the soccer team. I filled a cup of punch, and walked over, I tapped him on the shoulder and smiled sweetly, then poured it all over him. 

"Bye Cole." I said.

I turned around, walking. I actually don't know where I was going. Anywhere. Anywhere away from Cole. My vision was getting really blurry, from the tears blocking my vision. I could hear him calling my name. I didn't want to turn back. I just kept walking.


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