I Hate It That I Love You

"2 weeks ago, I wouldn't have ever seen this coming. The boy I once hated entirely, I slowly started to love him, slowly, but I did."
Neither of them expected to fall in love, it just happened. Through the faults in life, nothing seemed to work between them, yet everything seemed to fit perfectly.


1. All Packed


As I shoved clothes into my purple duffel bag I had gotten from cheer, angrily, my parents yelled for me to get downstairs.


I grunted, and threw the strap of my duffel over my shoulder. I made my way downstairs slowly, not wanting to leave.

"The Thompsons will be here any minute, to pick you up and take you to dinner, then you'll get settled at their house." my mother smiled, wiping off something from my shirt.

"Yay.." I said sarcastically, which set my dad off.

"Molly. Please be good this weekend. It's your mother and I's anniversary, and we really want to have a good time without worrying about you, being angry." he finished.

"Your father and I tried calling Tiffany's family, but they're in Malibu," my mom said sweetly, "they get back during your stay at the Thompsons, and we figured you'd already be settled at the Thompsons house, so.."
"No. I will never be settled at the Thompsons!" I thought.

"We just want the best for you sweetheart." my father smiled.

I could see through the window the SUV pulling into the driveway. Tears pricked my eyes. I pretended to yawn, and blame my "tears" on that. I hugged my mom, and afterwards my dad.

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson arrived at the front door to pick me up. My parents talked with theirs, as if they hadn't seen each other in days! Even though every Sunday, my mom meets with Mrs. Thompson for coffee, at a coffee shop. Then, whenever there's a football game, the "dads" have to get together for it.

After the talking fest, Mr. Thompson took my bag and carried it to the car. Seated in the car was Jessica (10 year old daughter), Colton (4 year old son), and seated in the back the devil himself. Alex, (17 year old son).

I was pretty much forced to sit in the back, because Colton's toys were in the middle, and he refused to move them. As I climbed over the seat, Alex gave me a devilish smirk. I shot one right back at him.

I had every right not to like him. He dated my best friend, Tiffany in freshmen year, then rudely broke her heart. He turned my best guy friend against me, Ryan. Ryan's long gone now. He moved to New York a few years ago. Then, tried to make a move, on my other friend Cami, that lives in Maine. He's obviously done more, but I prefer not to say. Besides, I will never, ever fall for him. I have a boyfriend anyways, Cole.

So we're going out to eat at Olive Garden. Once again, I'm seated next to Adam. What are his parents trying to do? Hook us up? Not a chance that will happen. He kept poking me with his fork, until finally I grabbed it and threw it under the table. I smirked, and he gave me his pissed off look. I rolled my eyes, then our food arrived.

Lindsay (Mrs. Thompson) was asking me a bunch of questions like " What sport do you do?" Cheer. "What do you do for fun?" I don't know, eat?

"Well, we better be on our way!" Travis (Mr. Thompson) said.


We arrived at their house, and Lindsay showed me to my room. Once again, right next to Alex's. "This is the guest room," Lindsay smiled sweetly at me.

The room had an old quilt, on a full sized bed. The closet was a sliding door. There was a small nightstand, and a wardrobe. There was a bathroom connected to the bedroom, score on that.

"So, make yourself at home," she grinned from ear to ear.

I set my duffel bag down, and tried to force a smiled. "Thank you."

She left the room and I changed into my pajamas. I sat down on my bed, and looked through my phone. I couldn't sleep. I could already tell these 3 weeks were going to be just peachy.




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