One Girl, One Answer

The day has come. Do I I love Harry Styles- the gentleman, hilarious boy. Did I mention he's my ex? Then there is Zayn Malik- the soft sided, caring bad boy. It's too hard because of haters, a dead best friend, and a brother I barley see. Well... Here we go.


2. Baby?!?!

(At Louis's flat)
"Ahh there's the people we are looking for!" Liam yelled as soon as Niall and walked in. I notice Louis confronting El. "Is everything okay?" I ask confused. El started saying, "I-I-I'm," "PREGNANT!" Louis yelled. El starting crying hysterically. "El! That's a wonderful thing!" I said joyfully. "NO MY CARRER IS OVER!" She yelled. "You'll be a great mom," I confronted. "You think?" She asked. "Ya if u don't go to your parties and you're healthy," Niall muttered. Then El started crying again. "Ya I will be in the kitchen..." I said even though lou was confronting el who crying a lot, Liam who was on twitter, Niall eating while listening to Katey perry, and Zayn who was playing with Perrie's hair. I started eating salad but Harry interrupted me by singing 'Gotta Be You'. "Ello!" I gleefully said. "Why hello Miss Kristin!" He said as the queen would. "How's life?" I asked in a fake bored tone. "Considering I have lots of tweets based on 'the answer' good," he said. "Wow," I replied. We he got up and just hugged me randomly. I remember the last time I felt like this. {Flashback} "I will always love you," he said while crying. "I love u more Harold," I whispered crying. We hugged each other for a long time and I pecked his cheek. "Goodbye Harry," "Goodbye Misty Kristy." {Flashback over} "Harry," I said. "Yes?" He asked. "You are mine,"

 Ohhhhhh!!!!!! Harry you won! How will Zayn react? How will Eleanor and Louis prepare for the baby? Comment what you think!

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