Paid Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Hi, I'm Abby Thomas. Age 17, grade 12. School is terrible, I have very few friends. What am I talking about I have two friends. But I only really talk to one which is Jessica. But there is this one guy that everyone adores and looks up to. But they look past the fact he is a total douchebag, so are his friends. But what happens when my friend Jessica dares me to go out with him and see how long I last? Did I mention she'll pay me 20 dollars each day. He'll go out with any girl he gets his hands on, just to see if he could get in their pants. Well do I accept this challenge? Do I fall in love? Does he find out?


7. Chapter 7

 The School bell sounded, alarming me to get up and leave the Class. The teacher waved her hand, signalling our dismissal. "Have a good evening, class. See you tomorrow."

 I flung my bag around my shoulder and ran out of the classroom. Literally ran. Niall Horon, and Zayn Malik were in my class, and I didn't want my plan with Harry to be spoiled. "Hey, come on Abby! Why you gotta run? You know you'd rather be with me!" Zayn shouted. I could just picture his smug little face, laughing along with his friends.

I ran into my house and up the stairs. 4:00pm. I still had enough time to do my Homework and go pick an outfit for this Evening with Harry. With Harry. All I had to do was act nice, and put up with his hands reaching any exposed skin available.


'Looking forward to Tonight, babe. I hope you wear something hot.Got some stuff planned. ;) xx -Harry.'


 I'm scared. I haven't actually been with a boy before, this stuff is new to me. I mean, what if I screw up? Who cares, it's only my life that will be wasted!

 I promised myself I won't let Harry do anything more than kissing tonight, and made my way out of the house. I walked to the Town Center, and strolled into a random shop that looked fashionable. "Hello, please may I help you?"


 I walked past the shopping assisstant to an outfit that caught my eye. I had £30 on me, so this fitted perfectely at a price of £26.

 Liking the outfit, I picked it up and took it to the checkout. "Just this please." I smiled, getting out my £30. "£26 please." I gave her her money, and she gave me the change.

 After purchasing my outfit, I rushed home. I put on the dress, and some silver mini heels I had stolen from my mother. Stolen wasn't the right word, maybe borrowed. I glanced at the time, 7:40pm. I decided it wasn't cool to arrive early, and waited for a while.

At 7:55pm, I walked out of the house. As I was leaving, I remembered my mother. I hadn't heard from her all day, the bitch is probably asleep.

 I went to the address I had gone to for the Party, and after a little hesitation, knocked on the door.


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