Paid Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Hi, I'm Abby Thomas. Age 17, grade 12. School is terrible, I have very few friends. What am I talking about I have two friends. But I only really talk to one which is Jessica. But there is this one guy that everyone adores and looks up to. But they look past the fact he is a total douchebag, so are his friends. But what happens when my friend Jessica dares me to go out with him and see how long I last? Did I mention she'll pay me 20 dollars each day. He'll go out with any girl he gets his hands on, just to see if he could get in their pants. Well do I accept this challenge? Do I fall in love? Does he find out?


36. Chapter 36

  Again and again he kept going till I was on the ground but then he stopped. He watched me flinch, cry, curl up in a ball. He just watched. He knew he made a mistake. But then he watched angrily. Angry he was. Why? For him, why not. "Please." I begged. "You can do anything, anything to me. Just let me see Harry. Please." 

  "Get up," he demanded. I stood and stared at him. He stared at me frustrated and he rose his hand up in the air but didn't swing at me. His jaw tensed up and his hand dropped. He huffed before he walked out of the room leaving me there broken in tears. I laid down on the bed staring at what seemed nothing and thought. Thought about Harry and I. 

  "Abby I won't let anyone hurt you," I could just hear him saying in the back of my head. "No one will touch you besides me, your mine. I love you." Liar. "Your safe with me." Liar. "I will never leave your side." Liar. Liar. Liar.

  "Liar," I yelled crying and holding my head. "Your a liar! You said you wouldn't let them touch me! Your a liar! You lied!," I ball. "You lied," I sobbed quieter....


- - -

  I heard the door click, making my heart stop. But I heard his voice. Harry's voice. "Abby." I lifted my head and stared at him, fine perfectly fine no blood, no bruises, perfect. Flawless. 

  "Harry?," I whispered as he came to the bed and sat at the end. "Harry," I smiled. "Are you okay? What happened after I left? I thought you were injured! I was so worried." He brought his hand up to my face and whipped a tear from my eye. "I I-," he brung his finger to my lip to quite me. I stared up at his eyes which were a lighter olive green and seemed for me to get lost into. 

  "I love you," he stared back at me but didn't smile. His hand dropped down and so did his head he stared down at the floor. His curls covering his face. "I loved you." 

  "Loved? Harry?"

  "Your free. Go on, your free. You can't love me anymore. I'm gone, and soon you will be to. But till then run free."

  "What? Harry what are you saying?" He stared back up at me but this time he had bruises almost covering his whole face and blood on the other places that weren't bruises or cuts. "Harry," I whispered as I went to reach for him I seemed to pass through. Tears shed down my face. 

  "Your free to love. To breath," he said with a smile. "I can't hold you back, you wont be hurt anymore. No one will get you as long as you don't let them. Abby." I couldn't breath, I couldn't understand what was happening. "I love you." 

  And with in a blink of an eye he was gone. Gone from my eyes, my surroundings, my heart. "Harry? Harry!," I screamed for what seemed ages. He was gone. He wasn't here anymore, he just left. I couldn't understand my mind was puzzled. He was gone. I left him at the park to die. I left him. Me. He's gone. He's gone for protecting me. And I, all I did was bring him down. I was paid to love him before I fell for him. I hurt him, he's hurt me. But he left the earth for me. He's gone.

                                                                 He's gone.

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