Paid Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Hi, I'm Abby Thomas. Age 17, grade 12. School is terrible, I have very few friends. What am I talking about I have two friends. But I only really talk to one which is Jessica. But there is this one guy that everyone adores and looks up to. But they look past the fact he is a total douchebag, so are his friends. But what happens when my friend Jessica dares me to go out with him and see how long I last? Did I mention she'll pay me 20 dollars each day. He'll go out with any girl he gets his hands on, just to see if he could get in their pants. Well do I accept this challenge? Do I fall in love? Does he find out?


24. Chapter 24

  "Well, well, well. Is that miss priss crying?" I stared up not wanting to see her face. Her. The one that I dearly hate. Her. Maddie.

  "Go away," I spat and stared back down at the ground. 

  "Aw poor baby. I haven't seen you in awhile what's been u-p," she popped the 'p'. 

  "Nothing now please go away," I put my hands over my face. 

  "It's about Harry isn't?" I could hear the swing next to me move, so she more likely sat down. 

  "No it's not."

  "Sure it is. Niall told me about your little secrete." I rose my head and glared at her. I forgot that she was still together with him; even if I hate her I don't get why she stays with him. He's just a low life jerk.

  "What-t secrete?" I stuttered a little.

  "You know," she fiddled with her hair. "About you using Harry for money." She began to smirk as I built up anger. 

  "I swear to god I'll fucking break you and Niall if you say one god damn thing."

  "Oh hun. You can't scare me, just because I want to tell the truth to someone and not lie like a slut like yourself." She continued not giving me time to reply. "I might of slept with guys but unlike myself you are getting paid to be in a relationship and who know's if you had sex with him it's like selling yourself." 

  "Just shut up!" I stood up and put my hands in my pockets and was about to walk off. 

  "Abby," she added. I didn't want to turn back to see what she wanted but I did anyway. "No need to tell him, now. I texted Niall to go tell him. Your welcome." She still had that bratty smirk on her face like she was enjoying this. 

  I walked up to her and just stared at her thinking of what to do. I shook my head telling myself not to hit her because she was right on telling Harry now. I turned around when she mumbled something I clearly heard. "Wussy." I turned back around for a moment and rose my hand and planted a big smack mark on  her cheek. Instead of stopping I grabbed her hair and threw her on the ground. "I'm tired of this shit. You can tell him whatever you want! He's a man whore anyway! Your shit needs to stop too. What have I done to you Maddie? Nothing! So why fucking mess with me? You mess with me it's time to get you back," I kicked her. Again. And Again. I quickly got one last kick in and started running. I didn't hit her extremely hard or to soft either. So she might have small bruises but she should be fine. But I hope she gets the message.

  When I got home I headed up stairs to my room and turned on my radio and laid on my bed thinking and crying at the same time. Mixed emotions are the worst. One minute I think of how Harry will hate me, then the next I ask myself why do I care if he does or doesn't. Then there's the part on, if I want to move  to North Carolina with my mom or not. My train of thought was interrupted by a knock on my door about a hour later. "Come in," I turned to my side and put the pillow over my face.

  "Abby," a sad depressed voice called out. 

  "What," I sniffled trying to clear my nose. 


  "Why what," I turned to peek and Harry stood hands in pockets head down with his curls covering his face. 

  "Why would you use me?," he looked up meeting eyes with me and his eyes were red and puffy. I seen the snot that was built up in his nose that threatened to drip out. I couldn't say anything I just shrugged and turned back the way I was and let even more tears out without letting him notice. "Give me a reason at least. If you wanted money to date me then hell, I could have gave it to you." His voice was cracking. "Answer me god dammit! You can't just use me and leave that's not how it works!"

  "Then how does it Harry, huh?" I sat up and stared at him. "One minute we didn't know each other and you'd be with your little buddies and talk about me. Then boom you say you love me. So Harry stop fucking targeting me! You aren't so good yourself."

  "But I didn't get dared or paid to date you!," he yelled. "And at least when I said I love you I ment it." 

 "Sure Harry, sure. You keep telling yourself that."

 "It's true! But I see you don't feel the same."

 "I never said I didn't feel the same! I love you Harry I do but I needed to money. I'm saving up for things like collage."

 "It's called get a job!"

 "Leave now!," I demanded. I shot up from my bed and went to him pushing him out of my bedroom. "Don't contact me ever again." I slammed the door and slid down it. I started to sob into my sleeves when I heard him knock again. I wanted to scream; why won't he just go away. I stood up, opened the door and stared at him who was staring at me. 

 I went to push the door shut again but he stopped it with his hand pushing it open. He came to me wrapping me up in his arms and he kissed me. I put my hands on his chest and tried pulling away but he kept a good grip. I found myself lost in time, forgetting all what happened just now, earlier, and when I accepted that stupid dare. I relaxed and grabbed Harry's t-shirt in between my fingers.


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