Paid Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Hi, I'm Abby Thomas. Age 17, grade 12. School is terrible, I have very few friends. What am I talking about I have two friends. But I only really talk to one which is Jessica. But there is this one guy that everyone adores and looks up to. But they look past the fact he is a total douchebag, so are his friends. But what happens when my friend Jessica dares me to go out with him and see how long I last? Did I mention she'll pay me 20 dollars each day. He'll go out with any girl he gets his hands on, just to see if he could get in their pants. Well do I accept this challenge? Do I fall in love? Does he find out?


21. Chapter 21

   Through the rest of the night up to 9, Harry called and texted multiple times but I ignored them. One day away from him wouldn't hurt none. 

  I stared over at my clock and it was 8:52 almost 9. I wasn't even dressed, I was in my clothes I was wearing all day. I went to my closet grabbing a black strapless dress that was comfortable, the length went to the middle of my thigh and it has little ruffles on each side of it. I grabbed simple flat black shoes, and plan black stockings that ended on the tip of my thigh. I hurried and dressed and brushed through my hair putting a tiny bit of make up on and headed out of my house. I speed walked to the park, worried I was late. I don't want to be late so he has a reason to tell. I sound like a little girl begging someone not to tell her secrete so she wont get in big trouble. I could seriously just go to Harry tell him, walk away never speak or see him ever again instead of begging Niall not to say anything.

  When I arrived I stood in the same place I did earlier waiting for the blackmail blonde boy, Niall to arrive and pick me up. Blackmail blonde boy is a new nick name for him; I giggle to myself thinking of it. "You look hot," I looked up and a couple feet from me is Niall with his hands in his jean pockets. 

  "Thanks," I looked all around just not in his eyes. 

  "Well shall we get out of this cold weather?," he laughed and I finally met eyes with him. He had a big smile on his face and I could tell he was cold. His arms were slightly shaking, and when he spoke you could see the air. The cold freezing air. 

  "I guess," I shrugged. My legs were like ice blocks, same with my arms but I ignored it because in my younger ages I been in love with snow and always seemed to be out in winter without a coat. So ever since then I never really had a big problem with cold weather. Luckily he had a car; even tho it didn't surprise me he did have one. Almost everyone in our grade has one.

  "Get in," he opened the door for me then disappeared to the other side of the car. I jumped inside the silver Lamborghini Gallardo which seemed to cost alot of money. I shut the door and buckled myself, stared out the window and watched the street lights flicker on and off. 

   "How long will we be gone?," I turned to look at him.

   "Does that matter?"

   "Yes. Yes it does."

   "You'll be home before midnight I promise you that." I sighed and put my hands on my lap and laid my head back into the seat.

   "Where are we going anyway?," I broke the silence in between us as the time went by when he was driving down unfamiliar roads. 

  "It's a surprise," he reached down to the sterio turning it on. "Could you grab my C.D in that holder," he took his eyes off the road real fast to make sure he was pointing to the right place. He pointed to the door holder on my side. 

   "Sure," I rolled my eyes and reached down grabbing a blank C.D with no writing on it. He quickly grabbed it opening it and sliding it in and turned the volume knob up. I sat back again in my seat as a nice rhythm of a beginning of a song started to play. I closed my eyes and tapped my hand with the beat. 

   "You like this song?," he giggled.

   "It's nice. What's it called?"

   "You don't know this song? Wow, just wow."

   "I didn't ask for your two sense just what is it called?"

  "Burn by Ellie Goulding." I nod and stare out the window enjoying the sound. "We can light it up, up, up so they can put it out," I heard Niall start to sing. I stared from the window to him. A smile spread across his face as I watched him sing. This ride seemed forever. 

   "Cause we got that fire, fire, fire," I sang along quietly because it was so catchy I just had to join in. A couple of more songs played then I seen we pulled into a restaurant with twinkling lights all around it. 

 "Come along," Niall said as he parked and got out. I got up and out of the car and walked over to Niall who was already to the entrance. We walked in and a lady with long brown hair served us to a table in the back. 

 "Your server will be here in a bit to take your order," she smiled and walked away after setting menus' down.

  "Why'd you make me wear a short dress for?"

  "I didn't I said a short dress if possible, babe," he laughed.

  "Why tho?"

  "Because shorter is cuter."

  "Pfft like slutter," I laughed.

  "So your calling yourself a slut?"

  "No! wait, just.... shut up," I blushed in embarrassment as I opened the menu and covered my face. I could hear him laugh. 

   "Do you know what- oh hey Niall," I heard a voice I could make out perfectly. It's Harry. "Do you and your girl here know what you want to drink?" I have my face covered with the menu so i'm pretty sure he can't make it out as it's me. This is why Niall brought me here. I thought it was just going to be a good dinner but he brought me here so I'd get caught. 

  "Oh yes my girl," he chuckled. "I'll take a pepsi." I felt Niall's leg against mine under the table. "And what would you like, babe?"

   "Same," I lowered my voice.

   "Okay well I'll be back to take each others order," I waited to make sure Harry's presents weren't anywhere around us. 

   "Fuck Niall!," I nearly yelled at him, dropping my menu.

   "What?," he laughed.

   "You know what. Perfectly," my foot kicked him in the shin. 

   "Shit," he bit down on his bottom lip and closed his eyes. 

 "I hope it hurt," I said angry then stood up and walked to the entrance as fast as I could hoping Harry wouldn't see me. Who know's what Harry would've said or thought. I just pray Niall keeps his word and doesn't tell Harry. 

   I ended up calling my mum who wasn't that pleased with me to come pick me up but she did anyway. When I got home I threw a old shirt on and shorts then went straight to bed. I know some day I'll have to tell Harry the truth.


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