Paid Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Hi, I'm Abby Thomas. Age 17, grade 12. School is terrible, I have very few friends. What am I talking about I have two friends. But I only really talk to one which is Jessica. But there is this one guy that everyone adores and looks up to. But they look past the fact he is a total douchebag, so are his friends. But what happens when my friend Jessica dares me to go out with him and see how long I last? Did I mention she'll pay me 20 dollars each day. He'll go out with any girl he gets his hands on, just to see if he could get in their pants. Well do I accept this challenge? Do I fall in love? Does he find out?


2. Chapter 2

  It was now lunch time which I hated because I either had no money to buy lunch or people will find a way to destroy my lunch I packed. Luckily Jessica was here, so that's a plus side to today. "Are you hungry?," she asked offering me a sand which.

  "No, I'm fine thank," I smiled at her then turned my head to look around the room. I stared at one of the boys that were close to Harry which his name was Zayn. I don't know what's about him but he makes me nervous. Rumors go around everyday that he's slept with a different girl each night, but its nothing new because that's like all the boys in our grade. I quickly looked away as he caught me starting at him but he was , giving me a smirk.

  "You know, I'm here for you right Abby?"

  "Yea-," I got cut off from Zayn sitting next to me. Oh no, this isn't going to end well. "Go away."

  "Oh don't be like that, babe. I seen you staring at me-," I cut him off.

  "Yeah so, I stare at lots of people. It's life." He laughed. What does he want.

  He leaned up to my ear and whispered, "Stop trying to be hard to get. I could probably win you over in a blink, but it'd just waste my time so I'll catch you later babe." He got up and went back over to his table. Eh, he make me sick. I wont be surprised if he has STDs or something, with all these slutty girls in this school.

  "Anyway," I said breaking the silence between me and Jessica. "I hate my life."

  "It'll get better, I promise. One day you'll meet someone that you'll be spending the rest of your life with."

  "I doubt that, have you seen me?"

  "Oh come on why do you doubt yourself all the time. I bet you that there's at least one boy in this school who likes you."

  "Ha. Very funny they're all mean and hate me."

  "Wanna make a bet then? I'll pay you 20 dollars each day you last with ummm...Harry." Twenty-dollars sounds good. I never really had money to buy that much so for everyday I last with him would be cool but the only reason it's bad is because it's with Harry.

  "I accept your challenge, but I'm not asking him out here."

  "You don't have to, he's having a party tonight I guess. No one will notice you there, well I hope not. But be careful if you do go." A party, huh. I haven't been to a party before and I really don't want to go but I need money so I can start saving for collage. I guess I'll go but I don't want to get jumped or anything so I have to talk to Harry either way. "Where are you going?," she asked as I got up and was about to walk over to them.

  "Going to tell him something." I started over there and almost right when I stepped infront of them Maddie said something.

  "Oh look it's little Abby." Everyone looked at me and I felt sick. There gazes were like demons.

  I ignored Maddie and looked at Harry who was staring up at me. "Harry may I talk to you for a minute?" Even tho I didn't like him and he doesn't like me I know he'd talk to me.

  "Ew why wou-," she got cut of from Harry.

  "Yea shore," he said annoyed. He got up, and nudged me over to the other side of the room making sure they weren't close. "What's up," he said leaning his hand on a wall. I rolled my eyes, as he gave me a cheeky smile.

  "I don't want to have sex with you, sorry to crush your dreams. Anyway I heard you were having a party and I thought I would come. Am I aloud."

  His face turned to a frown after I said I didn't want to have sex with him but he replied, "Its alright I have a girl on hold for that, and yeah I don't care. But wear something sexy," he said straightening his body form up and walked away not giving me a chance to reply. I turned and watched as he went back over. Man his jeans were so tight, its crazy.

  Any who, I walked back to Jessica as she had a worried expression on her face. "What'd he say?"

  "He said he doesn't care if I come but I have to wear something sexy. Which I don't have so sorry to disappoint him," I laughed to myself.

  "I have a black tight skin dress you can borrow for tonight."

  "No it's fine."

  "Really. Do you want that money or not? You better try to get in character," she laughed.

  "Fine, I'll just come over after school because it's not like my mom's going to care. What time is the party anyway?"

  "I think 8 till whenever." I really don't even want to stay there 10 minutes, just to imagine Harry's house. I don't even know where he lives. Shoot. I'm so dumb.

  "Do you know where he lives?"

  "Here's the flir for it," she said pulling a piece of paper of out her pocket that was folded up in fourths. She handed it to me and I opened it.

        Party- Tonight - Harry's house.

        1341, Dove ave. House 12.

        Starts at 8, no end time. Wear something hot.

         xx Harry

  I guess I'm going.


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