Torn (Harry and Marcel)

Harry and Marcel just got the biggest news of there life . They are moving to a whole new county different people new personalities. But what if they both come across this one girl that made both of there hearts skip a beat . She feels the same way . As she get to know them better she start to develop feelings for the both of them . Who will she choose ?....Who will break her heart ?and who will fix it ? ..the better question is who will leave her Torn .


9. Chapter 9

He lets me go and pushes me out of his way . I sighed and glanced at the ground then back up . He walked in front of me making his way over to the girls as the girls picked out the yoga station. 

I slowly made me way over .

The outside of the gym is the beach but it's a long walk to the water I took a deep breath taking in the crisp air . As I approached the group Jess smiled "Took you long enough " she joke 

I laughed lightly . Allison clasped her hands together as she about to open her mouth to speak "We need partners I call Harry " My eyes widen in surprise and I looked over at her she smile I looked away quickly feeling my stomach flutter . 

I heard Josh scoff "What! You are always my partner " He say to says to Allison .

I looked up at her she sighs and looked at me then at. Josh " Sorry Harry maybe I can be your partner tomorrow ." She smiles weakly and walked over to josh smirking evilly. 

Tomorrow ? Why am I getting so caught up . God it's just the first day of school . I groaned and went over to Jess . She smiled and I smiled back slightly back .

'Don't worry about Josh okay ? He's a douche that likes Allison ." She says nicely 

I nodded weakly , he likes her ? More 
completion. Maybe I should just be her friend and just let people go after her . I mean like its too much drama it will save me a whole lot of heart break .

I picked up a yoga mat out of the bin , I laid it across the sand .

"Harry help me stretch " Jess says

I looked at her funny " How am I suppose to do that ?"

She giggled " You just count for me and junk ."

I nodded she stepped on the mat and bended down slowly , I couldn't help but to check out her bum , I mean c'mon I'm a guy I can't help it . I counted to twenty seconds .

'18 , 19 ,20' I mouthed " Alright your done ."

She sits up "Thanks " she smiled "Can I ask you a question ?"

I nodded "Yeah ."

"Do you want to sit with us . I was just concerned cause you're new and I wouldn't want you to sit by yourself ." 

I bit my lip " I don't know ...I will see though thanks for asking " I say polite .

Josh walked past me and coughed "Pussy " then walked away . 

I rolled my eyes 

I heard the Coach blow his whistle and shout " Class is over !" 

I sighed in relief and started to walk back to the gym until I felt a light tap on my shoulder . I hturned my head to look back too see a grinning Allison .

I smiled 'Do you need something ?"

"I have to ask you a question ." I nodded as a answer . 

She nudged my arm "Do you like Jess "

soon as see touched me my stomach burst in butterflies .

"What do you mean ?" I ask 

"Like you fancy her think she's fit ." She looked up at me 

"I mean ya she's fit but I know nothing about her to make me fancy her , my body is sexually attracted to her as any other guy but in order for me to fancy some one I need to know about them there personality and stuff." I explained and looked down at her . 

She looked me in the eyes and smiled "Good answer " she winked and ran away back to an embarrassed Jess who was hiding her face in her hands .

I chuckled that's cute I turned around and walked into the gym . Until the question popped up in my head . Does Jess like me ? I mean why would she like me ? I barely talked to her . I sighed pushed away that thought .

I dug my hand in my pocket and pulled out my neatly folded schedule . I unfolded it and saw lunch was next period . I groaned mentally .

I really don't want to go there at all , I do want to see Allison ...maybe I can sit by her . I smiled and exited out of the gym and tried to find my way to the cafeteria through the busy halls . The late bell rung and the students slowly start to go in there next classes . 

Soon the hallways was empty , I bit my lip nervously as I heard a bunch of different voices . I know I made it to the cafeteria then . I took a deep breath and pushed the double doors open . I felt a rush of nervousness . 

I looked around and saw the people just talking eating there foods messily . Talking about the most ignorant things . It was obviously separated by cliques I think all schools are like that .i spotted a empty table in the far corner of the lunchroom . I gulped and kept my head down as I walked towards it . I felt like a thousand people were staring at me , I am so tempted to just turn back around and run into the library.

"Harry ! Harry!" I heard a female voice call out .

I looked up where the direction I heard the voice . It was Jess calling me over to her table . 
I bit my lip harshly and made my way over there . She smiled nicely and I smiled back at her .
"Let me introduce you to the group ." I nodded

"That's Liam and this is his girl friend Danielle but we call her Dani " The boy with a brown hair and quif smiled and waved slightly . I waved to him and the girl .

"Okay this is Niall , Louis , Eleanor and Zayn " I smiled weakly and waved at them . They smiled and just said hello and nice to meet you . 

Jess sat down and I sat next to her . I heard Louis clear his throat . "Where are you from exactly ?"

I was about to answer but I was interrupted by Marcel that sat in front of me . "We are Chersire England " 

I sighed 

Louis smiled " Nice I heard its ugly up there "

Marcel shrugged "At times "

There were some more small talk until 
Allison walked up looking breath taking she sat by Marcel she didn't even look at me . She looked directly at Marcel and smiled he smiled back . I looked down at the table then at Jess and gave her a small smile and paid my attention back to them .

They were obviously flirting , Marcel was just looking at her chest the whole time . He leaned and whispered in her ear . She gasp "You saw that !"

I looked at her confused "Saw what ?" I asked confused.

She looked at me "Oh hi Harry and he watched me get dressed "

That's why he was looking out the window my stomach dropped .

"Oh " was all I said . 

Jess snickered "Let me guess what's she's wearing " she cleared her throat " Black lace panties "

Marcel smirked "Your correct .."

Allison blushed and looked down . 

"No need to be embarrassed babe " Marcel chuckled 

I finally spoke up " I'm going to go and get Starbucks be back later"

I stood up quickly and walked towards the exit of the cafeteria. I'm not even going to Starbucks I just needed to get out of there . I am deeply jealously Marcel 


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