Torn (Harry and Marcel)

Harry and Marcel just got the biggest news of there life . They are moving to a whole new county different people new personalities. But what if they both come across this one girl that made both of there hearts skip a beat . She feels the same way . As she get to know them better she start to develop feelings for the both of them . Who will she choose ?....Who will break her heart ?and who will fix it ? ..the better question is who will leave her Torn .


5. Chapter 5

"Marcel ! C'mon we are leaving " Harry exclaimed . I heard his foot steps and I quickly turned around 

He looked at me funny "Why are you staring out the window ?" 

"Uh ...I uh..was looking at the ocean " I say quickly .

He looked at me unsure , but he nodded . He believed me . I sighed in relief I want that girl all to myself . . Sorry Harry .

"Lets go " he says and turned around  on his heels and started walking out of my room I followed behind him . He looks good today I'm not checking him out or anything he looks good but of course I look better . He has his grey v neck t shirt on with his sleeves rolled up . His black skinny jeans and his white converse and his hair is curlier then normal .  

The one and only is wearing a white v neck that shows off my chest tattoos . I slick my hair back and had it parted to the side . I had it sort of a quiff , but whatever  . Harry and I made it down the steps 

"Your cars are in the garage and the school is already program in your GPS ..have a lovely day " she smiled 

"Sick" I smirked and walked over to table and picked up my keys . 

Harry walked over and picked up his set of keys "Where are you getting all this money from ?" He asked her 

"That's my business " her phone starts to ring and she answered it and smiled at us before walking upstairs 

"So much for a answer" Harry groaned and started walking to the door that leads to the garage .

I patted him on the back "Don't worry mate this car still isn't going to boost your self confidence " I say cockily and opened the door

He sighs not saying anything back I chuckled and walked in the garage and went and unlocked my  Dodge Charger . Good job with picking out the cars mum . 

I got in the and started it and pulled out of the garage .
I wish I had shades its so sunny here , I really do hope that girl goes to that school. God she's so fit the way her bra couldn't hold all of her bust . Her black lace underwear showing off her perfect bum . 

God I need to stop thinking about her or I'm going to get a boner. I quickly looked down at my crotch and made sure I didn't have one .

I breathed out "That was close "  

I pulled into the high schools parking lot and found a parking spot . I parked my car and got out . 

There were students just chilling in front of the school and the side walk .
There eyes immediately darted to me and I heard whispers , I smirked this should be a fun day .

Harry's P.O.V 

I really do not like Marcel his just a cocky bastard . He freaking likes attention as for me I like to be low key with a couple of good friends  .

Lauren still didn't text me back , I don't want to keep texting her she will think I'm clingy maybe this is her way of breaking it off with me . 

I sighed and walked up the side walk up to the front doors to the school . I ran my fingers through my hair and looked around ,all the girls were started at me .One of them caught my eye I looked at her and winked . She blushed madly  I chuckled and turned my head and opened the front and walked into the school .

Allison's P.O.V

He just winked at me 


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