Torn (Harry and Marcel)

Harry and Marcel just got the biggest news of there life . They are moving to a whole new county different people new personalities. But what if they both come across this one girl that made both of there hearts skip a beat . She feels the same way . As she get to know them better she start to develop feelings for the both of them . Who will she choose ?....Who will break her heart ?and who will fix it ? ..the better question is who will leave her Torn .


4. Chapter 4

Harry's P.O.V

I looked at Marcel and he's looking up at the next door neighbors house . 

I furrowed my eyebrows "What are you looking at ?" I looked at the house .

"Non of your damn business "  he says harshly and walked pasted me bumping my shoulders on purpose . 

I rolled my eyes "Dick " I mumbled and glanced at the house before walking up the drive way to the front door .

I walked into the house and looked around at it in awe . Wow this is beautiful, the  , it had a modern theme but also cozy one  . The stairs are in the far back . 

I wondered to the kitchen the island in the middle of kitchen the polished granite counters . I walked out I can't even imagine how my room is . 

"You like it boys " My mom smirked 

I nodded "I love it " 

She laughs "I know your brother already picked out his room and here " she handed me my schedule 

I grabbed it and looked down at it all honors classes expect for P.E 

I groaned "P.E ." 

My mum just shook her head and patted my back and walked away . I sighed , I went to the steps and walked up them . I walked down the hall looking through all the room . Until I turned into the last one on the right .

I smiled this one has a balcony looking over the sea . I sat my bags down and walked around the room . It is grey and had a really big bed , I can get use to living in this house . I went back and grabbed my bags and started unpacking .

Allison's P.O.V 

"I really hope that boy comes to our school " Jess said .

I groaned "You have been talking about those boys for a past hour . " She shrugs 

"I don't care " she crossed her arms . 

"Plus you have a boyfriend .Zach remember ?" I laughed 

"Oh yeah I do have a boyfriend ..too bas he has a small penis I bet the one with the glasses will pin me against the bed and do un speakable things to me.. " She trailed off looking at me 

I looked at her like she was crazy "Calm down your tits girl " I laughed 

"Whatever " she stands up off my bed "I'll see you at school .. Make sure you dress sexy " she squinted her eyes and pointed her finger at me . 

I nodded "I got it ." I did a thumbs up and she smiles and walked out of the room .    I laid back on the bed and sighed loudly . I got under my covers and snuggled into them and closed my eyes falling in a deep sleep . 

---next morning ---

I groggily opened my eyes and sat up , God I have go to school . I stood up off of the bed and dragged my feet out of my room to the bathroom . 

I closed the bathroom door and started to strip out of clothes . 

I turned on the shower and stepped in . The warm water running all over my body is bringing me some what comfort . 

I grabbed the soap and rubbed it all over my body making the white suds running down my body . I rinsed myself off and turned off the water . I stepped out of the shower and got the towel off of the towel rack and wrapped it around my body tightly before walking out of bathroom going back into my room .

I walked into my closet and grabbed my high waisted jean shorts and my Ramones t shirt that I cut in half a while back so it can be a crop top . I walked out and put the clothes on my bed . I then went to my dresser and put on my laced panties with my bra to match .

Marcel's P.O.V 

I opened up my blinds like mum told me . I was about to walk away but I was a girl walk past her window in her bra and panties . "My god " 



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