Torn (Harry and Marcel)

Harry and Marcel just got the biggest news of there life . They are moving to a whole new county different people new personalities. But what if they both come across this one girl that made both of there hearts skip a beat . She feels the same way . As she get to know them better she start to develop feelings for the both of them . Who will she choose ?....Who will break her heart ?and who will fix it ? ..the better question is who will leave her Torn .


3. Chapter 3

.Marcel P.O.V

We gave our tickets to the flight attendant 

"Enjoy your flight " She smiled 

"Thank you " My mum said 

We walked down the long hallway before we got on the actual plane . 

I went down the narrow walk way to my seat . I glanced down at my seat number . " 6b .." I looked up . at little plastic numbers above the seats "6b" I repeated until I got to my seat . I sat down and sighed in relief and closed my eyes . 

I felt another person plop down to the other two seats by mine. I opened my eyes and saw Harry and my mum . This should be a fun flight note my sarcasm .  

"This is your pilot please buckle your seat belts we are preparing for take off ." The pilot announced over the intercom . I looked down and fasten my seat belt.

I leant my head against the window as the plane started moving , here we go .

--------Serval hours later ----------

"Marcel ...Marcel " Someone said and shook me , I shifted in the seat and opened my eyes , I let out a groan .

"What?" I say coldly looking up and Harry standing over me .

He rolled his eyes "C'mon the plane landed ."

My eyes widened , I slept the whole flight . 

I stood up and making  sure I had everything before following Harry off of the plane to the airport .

It is so warm here , I bet we look pale we already don't fit into the tropical scene .

We walked over to baggage claim and we got our luggage .

"Mum why is that man holding up our last names ?" Harry said , I furrowed my eyebrows and looked in the direction he was looking in . There was a sharply dressed man holding up a sign saying Styles .

"Cause that man is our ride don't be silly " she says and giggled and grabbed her bags and approached the man we followed her .

Hello Ann" He says huskily She smiled "Hello Steven " He returned his smile ."Follow me " He says and turned around and started walking towards the exit .

I glanced over at Harry wondering what he was thinking he's probably thinking  why aren't I being a rude cunt . Well that's simple I'm just trying to get on my mums good side .

The man lead us out of the airport and took us to the a black car he climb into the drivers seat and opened the trunk , We tossed ours in and got into the car . 

The man started driving 

"So we live on the beach ?" I asked my mum 

"Yes we do " she says

"When do we go to school ?" 

"Uh well tomorrow , I already got both of you schedule printed out   ' she said sheepishly 

"What?!" Harry and I exclaimed 

She coughed "Sorry "

I groaned I'm beginning to think she does this late notice shit on purpose . 

I looked out the window and saw really big beach houses

The man pulled in front of the biggest one , I gaped that house is beautiful being honest . 

"Enjoy " The man says and pops opened the trunk . I quickly got out the car and grabbed my bags .

"Well someone's excited " I heard Harry tease as he gotten out of the car and went to grabbed his  bags . 

I rolled my eyes "Be quiet twat "   

Allison's P.O.V

"OH MY GOD ! Alli " Jessica exclaimed looking out the window .

"What ?" I ask sitting up on my bed pushing all of my hair to one side .

"You know that big house next to yours " she said still not looking back at me 

"Yeah ..." 

" Some one has moved in it " 

Okay.. " she's not making no sense .

"They are fucking sexy look at the one in the beanie ." She gasps basically drooling over the boy

I got up and pushed her playfully out of the way and looked out of the window .

Wow they are sexy 

"Alli look at the one with the tattoos on his neck and glasses. "

Oh god they are beautiful . The one with the glasses looked up and caught us . 

He smirked and winked , my stomach fluttered and I backed away from the window and Jessica did the same .

"He winked at me " we say in unison and looked at each other .
"No he winked at me Jess " 

She shook her head " Whatever you say mate "

I rolled my eyes and pushed her playfully .





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