Torn (Harry and Marcel)

Harry and Marcel just got the biggest news of there life . They are moving to a whole new county different people new personalities. But what if they both come across this one girl that made both of there hearts skip a beat . She feels the same way . As she get to know them better she start to develop feelings for the both of them . Who will she choose ?....Who will break her heart ?and who will fix it ? ..the better question is who will leave her Torn .


10. Chapter 10

Marcel's P.O.V

Everyone stared at Harry as he quickly exited the cafeteria . Liam turned his head to look at me . "What's wrong with your brother ?"

I shrugged not really caring " Who knows " I looked over at Allison and smiled she smiled back I winked at her and she blushed and looked down . 

I smirked I need a plan to get in Allison' s pants . I thought a moment . I got it .

"Hey who wants to have a party this weekend at me and Harry's beach house . I'm talking spliff, beer and loud music the whole 9 yards . The best way to kick off the school year by getting high and wasted ." I say deviously .

They thought about it for a moment . "That sounds fun to me " Jess spoke up .

I cheered mentally " Same " Zayn said 

"Okay Jess and Zayn are in . What about you Allison?" 

She bit her lip nervously "I'm not really a partier but I'll go for fun . " I smiled and her and then looked at "Liam and I raised my eyebrow .

"Sorry I have to help Dani pack for college " he glances at her and smiled she kissed his lips , I cringed in disgust . 

"Louis ? Niall " I asked 

"Of course I'm in mate " Niall said 

"You had me at spliff " Louis chuckled . I smiled and clasped my hands together 

"So spread the word and what not and tell them the party is going to go down . " I say to the group . They nodded

The bell rung and as on command everyone started getting up , I stopped Allison pulling her to me I kissed her cheek . She blushed deeply ."See you later Marcel" she whispered walking away . 

Allison's P.O.V

The week flew by so quickly me and Jess are now getting dress for party . 

"Okay Alli how do I look ? Do you think Harry will like it ?" She bit her lip nervously 

I laughed at her "Babe Harry will love it on you." She was wearing a black dress with but the back side was laced and pair of nude heels . 

I straighten out my dress "What about me ? With Marcel ?" 

She smiled " He will drool at your feet " she exaggerated I am wearing a tight fitted black dress to and red heels . 

Oh I forgot to mention that Jess had a major crush on Harry . I felt kinda nervously or something I wanted him to myself . Weird right ? Me and Harry have been getting on good lately he's a very down to earth person . Very laid back once you get to know him . 

We walked out of my room then down the stairs out of my house Me and Jess walked to next door . 

I heard the pounding music from outside we approached the front door and I opened it . I gasped there were so many people grinding on each other trying not spill there red cup drinks . There are strobe lights blinking making my eyes cross . I look back at Jess to find she's not even there . I sighed mentally and walked deeper into the crowd trying to find Marcel . 

Harry's P.O.V 

I laid on my bed I groaned and pulled the pillow over my head . I wish my room were sound proof . 

I don't understand why Marcel even volunteered to have a party while mums gone . She just went to in a trip somewhere she'll be back in the morning . He's a such a prick . I stood up off the bed and and pulled out my iPhone and plugged it up to the stereo in my room . 

I turned on the volume and started playing 'Give me love ' . I turned it on louder so it's blocking out the music that playing loudly down stairs .

I sighed and walked over to the two doors that open out to my balcony . I opened the door feeling the gently breeze greeting me giving me goose bumps . I bit my lip and watched the sunset . 

Marcel's P.O.V 

I made my way through crowd spotting a familiar brunette . 

"Allison ! " I called out 

Her head snapped towards me she started making her to me . I couldn't help to check her out I mean who wouldn't . That dress fitted all in the right places . I bit my lip harshly . 

"Hey Marcel " She basically screamed over the loud music .

"Hey Allison ...wanna drink " 

She thought for a moment and nodded .

I grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the less crowded kitchen . 

She sighs in relief " I didn't know so many people will come " 

I chuckled " I know " I grabbed a red cup and filled it up and handed it to her .

She took it and looked down at it " What's in it ?" 

"Basically all different type of liquors and juice taste you will like it ." I say deviously 

She nods and brought the red cup up to her plump lips . She cringed and coughed .

"Woah this is strong " she mumbled 

"It is " I smirked " Wanna dance " I looked at her up and down check her out once more . 

She nods and took another swig of her drink . She bites her lip and grabbed my arm pulling me out into the bunch of people .

She stopped at the middle of floor Allison looked back at me and smirked "Follow me lead okay ?" She slurred . Wow she only had one drink and she's already wasted .

She drunk down all her drink and tosses down the cup . 

Allison bent down in front of me pushing her down bum on my crotch as on instinct I placed my hands on her hips .

She slowly leaned up grinding her bum on my crotch at the same time . I bit my lip harshly and grinded my goin on her bum . 

She whimpered and moaned she turned around quickly "Lets go upstairs okay ." 

I nodded and grabbed her arms and dragged through the crowd . I quickly up the stairs . 

I opened my room door and pulled her in it . She smirked and slammed her lips on mine . I placed my hand on her bum in making her up jumped up wrapping her legs around me . I walked over to the bed holding her . I felled back on it . Allison started to undress me 

We all know what happens after this ...

Harry's P.O.V

I ended up falling asleep on the balcony .

I heard the loud rings of my cell phone I groggily opened my eyes and sighed . Who can be calling me this late . 

I groaned and stood up walking over to my cell phone that was still plugged the stereo . My eyes widen when it was Lauren .

I answered it quickly " Hello ?" I say huskily 

"Uh H-hi Harry I just need to tell you something . I just feel so bad "

I frowned "Ya go ahead "

There was a pause "You know when I told you I was studying . " she whispered.

"Ya" I say confused 

"I was really with Marcel having sex " she blurts out quickly 

My heart stopped and I felt tears in my eyes I loved her so much . How can she betrayed me like this I gave her so much . She cheated with my brother . 

"Harry please I'm so sorr- " I cut her off and hung up the phone .

I raked my fingers through my hair roughy . I stormed out of my room going to Marcel's . I swear I'm going to beat his ass 

I opened the door and my stomach dropped at the sight of this . They quickly snapped there head towards me . I frowned it was Allison riding him . When she realizes it was me at the door she quickly cover herself up .

I just closed the door and walked away . Why would she give it up so quickly to Marcel . God she's such a slut . I pushed my way out of the crowd . I finally made it to the front door . I quickly walked out walking to the beach .

I had all these emotions bottled up inside me . I just don't know if I find Allison attractive any more she's a whore so no . 

I saw a Jess laying down on the beach .Her blonde hair sprawled out on the sand .  I smiled slightly ,and I sat besides her , I think she looks beautiful right now . I shook her lightly for her to wake up .

She opened her eyes and I smiled "Hello " I say kindly .

She sat up quickly and blushed .

"Fall asleep watching the sunset ?" I chuckled

She giggled "Ya " 

I smiled " I did the same thing too "

She smiled at me 

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