lost boy

My name is zyan malik . I was left at an orphanage. I lived here my whole life I really don't know anything about myself or my family. I just know they left me here when I was three. now I'm 16, I've lived in a orphanage for 13 years. I've just got adopted by some British parents, and this a new start for me to get my life on track again. I've been in foster homes but they didn't work out so they put an a orphanage again I did some pretty bad stuff when i was in foster homes. i robed did drugs etc. etc.. maybe moving to England is a good thing. i knew only one person from my family it was my cousin David. HE WAS A DRUG Dealer so that lead me to drugs. but he moved away so I couldn't see him anymore. i knew he move to England too so why not look for him. i hope the move to England will help me find him and see if he's with my family. read more to find out...


1. chapter1

it was a fall day when, I was looking outside the window when the office director came next to me. she said" Zyan can we talk for a minute"? " what did I do now?" she gave me a stern look." noting were just need to talk about your stay at the orphanage". "am I getting move again"?? when I was younger I was move all the time around because, I got in big trouble or I got in fights with other kids. she gave me a smile and said "no". were going to talk about something more relevant. I was quite until we got to her office. she broke the silence in the room by saying " your getting adopted ". I was shocked I've been here for 13 years of my life and now I'm getting adopted I couldn't believe it. "yes you are, your new parents are from out of the country." where are they from?? "there from England. I thought to myself I finally get to meet the place where I was born. I'm half British and half aerobe. I ask when do I meet them?" well when do I meet them?" well you'll  meet them in two weeks they are still filling out papers to take you home.

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