Dangerous love

"stay away from the blond one."she points to the boy with the blonde hair. He's trouble. I feel my eyes drift away from him. "He goes after every girl says he loves them has sex with them and then ripes their heart out. Just stay away from him." "What's his name?"I ask and she sighs"His name is Niall, Niall horan"

I need a break from the other story so I wrote this one please comment! Thank ya xoxo.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 
Emma's POV: "Emma get up" my moms voice drifts into my ear. I groan and dig my face deeper into my pillow. "Come on honey it's your first day" she pats my arm and I groan "I don't want to go" I yawn and pul the duvet cover over my head. She rips it down and I feel a cool draft. I shoot my eyes open and sit up "come on you don't want to be late" her brown curly hair bobs infront of me and her big brown eyes slowly move away from me and to the door and with that she leaves my room, shutting the door behind it. I huff which sends one of my brown strands away from my face. I look around, my room was pink with a hint of orange, with nothin on the walls. It's so plane that it sickens me. I shiver and step onto the wood floor. I walk towards my dresser and pull on the metal handles. I search for a pair of leggings and tug them on. I go towards my closet next and look for my army muscle tank top. I pull it out from the closet and toss it on. I pull down the soft material  down my frame. I grab my black combat boots and lace them up. I apply a little coat of mascara on and 
Walk out of my room and close the door shut. "Hey no slamming doors" my mum yells and I roll my eyes "mom,it's the sound doors make" I yell back and walk down the hallway. I grab my bag and through it over my shoulder. "Well you like nice today" she smiles a warm smile. "I don't want to look like a hobo on the first day and thanks" I look towards her and she grabs her keys "alright well lets go" she says as she walks towards the door. I get a little pit in my stomach, it was my first day, I moved here only about a few days ago and yesterday my mum told me she enrolled me in school. I used to live in Cheshire but now I live 
Mullingar Ireland. I step outside and a cool breeze crashes against my cheek making chills crawl up my spine as I enter the car. " you nervous?" My mum asks pulling out of the drive way "uh yeah" I look out the window. "Listen I know you didn't want to live here but-" I cut her off "but this is what's best yeah yeah I got the same speech before we moved here" I cross my arms and my mum looks a bit stunned that I snapped back a her like that. " have a good day" my mum smiles as we pull into the school. I open the car door and close it shut. I look around for the student information office.

    My eyes spot it and run to the doors. I press on the cool handle and pull the door open. I step inside and immediately a women at the desk looks up. "May I help you?" She asks removing her hands from the computer key board. "Yeah I'm a new student here, I'm Emma Johnson" I tighten my grip on my bag. "Oh yes!" The women grabs the mouse and starts to scroll. She clicks a few times and then a beeping sound comes from the printer. "Here is your time table, and map" she smiles " thank you" l say kindly and walk towards the door. I open it and take a look at my schedule not paying to where I'm going. I feel an elbow dig into my side as I slowly lose my balance. "Oh I'm sorry!" A feminine voice says. I gain my balance again and hold my arms out so I don't fall over. "It's ok " I rub my side where her elbow dug into. "I'm a cluts, I fall into people all the time" she says kindly. "Hey I fall all the time" I look at the girl. She has bright hazel eyes and blonde  curly hair that falls down to about mid back. "I'm Caroline" she smiles holding her hand up "Emma" I reply shaking her hand. "Ah shit I'm going to be late" she slaps her self in the forehead "and Ms.Samuels is know to give kids detention, she's a total witch she even looks like one" I laugh a little at the comment and look back down at my time table. "I have ms.samuels now too" I point to her name and Caroline's eyes sparkle. "Great! I can show you where it is! The only bad thing is we have to go outside and to the other building" she grabs my arm and pulls "come on we don't want to be too late or she'll give us both detention" we exit through the student information office. "It's about a five minute walk so be prepared to run" she says and we pick up our walking pace. I look around and notice a car roaring into a parking spot. It was a 1967 mustang, a pretty car. A male figure opens the car door. A blonde haired boy steps out and I look at him, his blue icy eyes stare into mine and a half smirk is planted on his face. "Who's that?" I ask not taking my eyes off the boy. Caroline's head turns to where I'm looking at, her curls bouncing. "Don't make eye contact with him" she mumbles pulling my arm. "Why not?" I ask and she pressed her lisp together "stay away from the blonde one." She looks back at the blue eyes boy and I haven't taking my eye off of him. "He's trouble" she shakes her head which moves her blonde curls around. I feel my eyes slowly drift away from the male. "He goes after every girl, says he loves them, has sex with them and leaves" Caroline's grasp around my arm gets tighter as I linger behind her. "He's a heart breaker" we begin to walk faster. "Just stay away from him ok?" She sighs heavily. "What's his name?" I ask catching up to her speed. "Niall, his name is Niall Horan."  I close my eyes shut wanting to look back at the boy but I don't. "Here we are building A" she huffs pushing tie doors open "ok we are about ten minutes late" she looks at her watch and starts to run. I follow her up the stairs and to the left, she makes a few sharp turns but we get to the class room. Caroline bursts through the door an ms. Samuels face is stunned. "Ms. Erwin!" She exclaims slamming a text book on her desk "where have you been?" She asks violently I feel my hands shake as I enter the room. "I was showing the Emma around, she's new here" Caroline says while crossing he arms. "Oh, well don't be late again missy" she hisses. Ms.samuels was old, and gross. She had a nasty attitude towards her students. I always wonder why people who don't like kids became teachers whatever. Caroline walks towards her seat and I sit down next to her. "Emma this is Britney" she points to a red headed girl, her hair was a fiery orange. She has multiple freckles on her pale white face and her eyes are a dark navy blue. "It's nice to meet you!" She exclaims and I smile "this is Nicole and Taylor" she points to a girl with dirty blonde hair and brown chocolate eyes "I'm Taylor" she smiles and look at the other girl. She has slick black hair and hazel, blue eyes. "Nicole" she snaps her gum and chews it loudly. I feel uncomfortable near Nicole she looks like she could kill someone. I raise my hand and ms.samuels looks at me "what" she snaps playing the chalk down on the rack. "Can I use the loo?" I ask and she rolls her eyes "first you come into my class late and now you have to use the bathroom" I get up and walk towards her desk. She hand me a hall pass and I grab the paper out of her hand. She frowns and turns back to the board. I open the door and search for a bathroom. 

   "You lost gorgeous?" A male voice echoes in empty hallway. I turn around and face the boy with the blonde hair and blue eyes. He walks foward to me and I gulp. "You nervous?" He asks as he comes closer. I don't answer, "I just want to know where the bathroom is" I mumble and he is at a good space where he could kiss me. "The bathroom?" He places his hand around my waist "let go of me" I try to move his hands off of me but he is too strong. I look into his crystal blur eyes , he has a  smirk  planted on his face. "You like what you see?" He asks and I slowly snap out of my trance "n-no" I say softly and he leans in and kisses my neck slowly biting at my skin. I squint my eyes shut blocking out the pain. I bite m lip hard until it could possibly bleed. He finishes and looks at me he plays with my long brown  hair. "You're my territory now" he moves his hand to my shoulder and slowly down my torso. I had no idea I was a piece of property. And I don't even have to use the bathroom anymore, because im pretty sure I peed my pants.  I move my hair to cover the mark he left and walk back into the classroom. I take my seat and stare blankly out the window. "Hey Emma you alright?" I hear Caroline's voice "oh um yeah" I flutter my lashes "you seem tense" she says I shift my eyes to her. "Hey do you any of to have painting next?" I ask and they all shake their heads no "great, looks like my flying solo" I lean back in my chair making sure the mark isn't visible. "When do you have lunch?" Caroline asks and Nicole just keeps snapping her gum. "Um sixth" they smile well eith the exception of Nicole "same! We eat out in the field over there see you then" the bell rings and I feel my stomach turn, I could still feel his touch on my neck, sending chills down my spine. I walk down the halls looking for my painting room, thankfully it was in the same building. I enter the room and see a boy with brown eyes and brown hair, his hair is really short and he smiles at me. I take a seat next to him. The chair screeches against the tile causing a few heads to turn and see what the sound was. The boy sits quite and his eyes widen "is everything ok?" I ask lifting the paint brush up. "Ok class free paint time" I tilt my head and raise my hand "what is free paint?" I ask and the teacher looks at me "you my friend are new" he says pointing "well..." He looks at his roster "Emma, it's when your paint whatever to feel like painting" I nod and look at my paints. I wanted to paint a beach. I still feel the brown hair boy eyes on me. I pick my brush up and begin to paint. I move my eyes to see if the boy with the brown ryes is still staring at me. "Erm are you ok?" I ask moving my paint brush from side to side. "Yeah, sorry" he says quietly. He dips his brush in the black paint. "I'm Emma" I extend my hand out to him and he stares at it debating wether or now to shake it. I casually move my hand away and furrow my brows together. "Liam" he mumbles and I turn back to my painting. "I'm Liam Payne" he says softly and I smile "well Liam Payne I'm wondering why you were starring at me a few minutes ago" I press my lips together and paint the waves along the shore. "Oh um, I was staring at your little mark on your neck" I almost drop my paintbrush on the floor. I swallow as I feel my cheeks burn. "Oh" I keep my head down and continue to paint. "Where did you get it from?" He asks kindly. I gulp and move my hair to cover the mark. I squint my eyes shut trying to  forgetting his icy blue eyes making me feel small. "Um I don't really remember" my voice fades away slowly as I paint little shells along the beach.  "Oh" Liam says softly "I was just curious" his paint brush swishes as he paints over the canvas. "Liam I have a question" I says kindly looking towards him "go for it" he nods and I feel my hands get clammy. "Are you friends with Niall horan?" I ask and Liam's head shoots up from the canvas and towards me "I was, but people change and we just grew apart." he huffs and I play with my hair "did he do that to you?" He points his paint brush at the mark, red paint dripping on the floor. I bite my lip whether to tell him or not . I slowly nod and Liam shakes his head "I should've known" he dips his head low and I sign my painting. The bell rings "be careful around him" Liam says and I nod fast. "You don't want to be involved with him" he tosses his back pack over his shoulder and walks out of the class. 

  ** I walk towards the field where Caroline told me to eat lunch with her and the others. The wind whips my hair around, the prickly grass touches my skin as I slowly make me way towards the group. I don't want to tell them just yet about what happened. I sit down next to them, "hey Emma" Caroline says taking a bite out of her tuna sandwich. "Hi" I wave and she holds her sandwich "you ok? Is something bothering you?" She Asks and I pick the dry grass out of the ground. "Spill it" Taylor says sipping her can of coke. I move my hair to my other side revealing the mark. "Oh shit" Caroline covers her mouth "he's after you" she sits up strait. Nicole takes a bite out of her apple not acknowledging what's going on. "Whatever you do don't drink, it will make it easier for him to get with you" I place my hand on the grass, crushing the small stems.  "He's a fighter, doesn't give up easily" she sighs tucking a curly blonde strand behind her ear. "How do you know this?" I ask tossing some goldfish in my mouth. Nicole rolls her eyes and ignores the conversation. She looks at Caroline and shakes her head "no" she snaps and I furrow my eyebrows "Nicole" Caroline whines and Nicole sighs "fine" she looks at me "my best friend was Nialls target in ninth grade" she swallows "he took the only thing that kept her pure, don't let him do that to you" she has a sign of hurt in he eyes "he was gone the next morning, didn't even say goodbye he just took off" she looks down and laughs "She was his first victim also known as slut" she shrugs "that image went away when he started fucking the whole grade" I look down "just be careful dont let him take advantage of you" she smiles. "Wheres your friend?" i ask and she sighs "killed herself after she found out she was pregnant." I touch the mark on my skin. I feel like I'm about to throw up. The bell rings and we head inside. "I have-" I get cut off by someone pulling me to the side. "Hey beautiful" the Irish voice rings in my ear. "Get off of me" I escape from his grasp. "Feisty, you're going to be a tricky one to woo over" his grin stretches across his face. "Yeah well don't get your hopes up" I hiss and walk away. I feel the pit in my stomach grow. The school day is almost over, I'm just waiting for the final bell to ring. Bringggg I jump out of my seat and quickly exit the school trying to find my moms car. I open the door and toss m bag in the back. "Hey honey how was school?"she asks oh you know I got a hicky from a boy I don't know and yeah he's after me. "Good" I look out the window as we exit the school parking lot. I look out the window and notice a 1967 mustang following us and blonde hair in the windshield. My heart nearly stops. I grip the fabric on the chair and dig my nails into the seat. "Honey are you ok?" My mum asks and I keep my eyes on his blue ones "uh yeah" I shift in my seat as we pull into the drive way, the mustang driving past us. I let a sigh of relief as I step out of the car. "Did you make any friends?" She asks fidgeting with the keys to get in. "Yeah three" I walk through the door and up the stairs. "Met any boys" she smiles and I roll my eyes "no mom" I lie and walk towards my room. I open the door and look at the plane room. I look at the pencil sitting on my desk and pick it up. I walk towards my wall and begin to sketch the New York City shadow. 

  "Emma" my mom shouts I shake as I drop the pencil on the hard wood floor, the tip snapping. "What?" I shout back and open the door. I walk towards the living room when I notice my mom talking to the blond haired boy. I look at him, he smiles. "Hi" I st flatly she looks at me "Niall said you two had plans tonight" I widen my eyes "he did now?" I cross my arms and smile "mum can I speak to you in the kitchen" she shrugs an walks up the stairs. "I'm not going" I snap and she frowns "he seems like a nice boy" yeah one that will rape me and gave me a mark on my neck. "No I'm not going" she looks at me "oh come on! It will be fun, you're going no arguing" I groan "fine whatever" I walk out of the kitchen am down the stairs, his smirk appears on his face. "I'll leave you two alone" she smiles walking into the kitchen. "What do you want?" I ask sitting on the steps. "I want you" he wiggles his eyebrows "yeah I'm not interested" I lean back and he chuckles quietly "now Emma, I don't take no for an answer" I feel my stomach cringe "well you do now" I stand up. "Put something sexy on I'm taking you out now and I'm sure your mum would be disappointed if you didn't go" he smiles and I want to punch him in the face. "Fine" I huff "a dress" he raises one eyebrow and I laugh "don't push it" I walk up the stairs to my room. I look through my closet and take my shirt off and through on a limited addition shirt with a jean best over it I turn my head toward the door and blond boy smiles sheeply "you pervert" I push past him and he squeezes my bum I smack his hand away and walk down the stairs. "Babe you need to lighten up" he whispers in my ear with his strong Irish accent. "I'm Niall by the way" oh so now he decides to tell me. I walk down the stairs and two his car. "Well Niall I didn't officially thank you for the little mark on my neck." I raise my hand and he grabs it twisting it down. "No need for violence" I rub my wrist "sorry" he mumbles and opens the car door for me. I say thanks so softly that it barely could come out as thanks more like humm. Niall walks slowly around the other side and I patently sit down waiting for him to come in the car. I can't wait for this to be over

A/n: hello lovelies! Niall as the bad boy ;) I don't know I think it's hot. Hanna I'm a loser but anyways long chapter! Please comment fave,like whatever you want thanks for reading! 

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