My EX best friend, Harry Styles

Laura's best friend
Err, EX bestfriend
Left her for the Xfactors. She believes he forgot her but they find their way back together. Did fate bring them back together? Read to find out!<3


1. Part 1<3


    New message:

Hazza Bear<3: Hello, love :)

Laur Laur<3: Waddup Styles.

Hazza Bear<3: Not much, you?

Laur Laur<3: Eating a cupcake ;) <3

Hazza Bear<3: *gasp* eating my family now?!

Hazza Bear<3: NO NOT  UNCLE SPARKLES! >.<

Laur Laur<3: Your such a dork XP

Hazza Bear<3: And your an idiot.

Laur Laur<3: Ass

Hazza Bear<3: Love ya to Laur! <3

Laur Laur<3:haha, right....

Hazza Bear<3: Hey Laur..?

Laur Laur<3: Hmmm...?

Hazza Bear<3: Yes or no?

Laur Laur<3: What ?

Hazza Bear<3: Yes or no?

Laur Laur<3: Yes or no what?

Hazza Bear<3: Yes or no? Just answer the question, its not that hard... Eesh :P

Laur Laur<3: Umm.... No?

Hazza Bear<3: oh..... :/

Laur Laur<3: What did I just say 'no' to? :O

Hazza Bear<3: Me going on the Xfactor.

Laur Laur<3: ....

Laur Laur<3: When do you leave.?

Hazza Bear<3: Tonight.

Laur Laur<3: And you tell me tonight?!

Hazza Bear<3 Im sorry Laur... ur my best friend I didn't want to upset you..... im sorry :(

               *Laur Laur<3 has disconnected.*

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