An Anniversary To Remember - A Liam Payne Imagine

You love Liam with all your heart, he is the perfect boyfriend. this is one anniversary you are sure to never forget


1. An Anniversary To Remember - A Liam Payne Imagine

Liam Payne Imagine

An Anniversary to Remember:


Today was your and Liam's anniversary since you started dating. You have been dating for 3 years now and couldn't be happier with the great relationship. Even thought Liam may be 21 and your only 19 you feel like Liam's the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. He is so sweet and romantic, and is always a gentle man who understands you completely. He has always been there for you when you need him, and has always been there for every special occasion, he is definitely for you. Right now you are currently getting ready for your big dinner date with him. He has cancelled all plans for him and the band tonight, and has said that this night will only be about the two of you, you thought it was really sweet of him to do, but felt kind of bad that he had to cancel a gig and interview just for you, you said that it was ok to do this another time, but he insisted for it to be a special night just about the two of you. He has said to meet him up at the restaurant, so that’s where you are headed right now. You have just arrived at the restaurant, and see that it is pretty empty, you wonder if its closed, but realize its open when you push the door open. You walk in and are greeted by the warm air and faint smell of roses. 'It’s a very fancy restaurant that Liam picked out', you thought. The waitress greets you, and you say you have a table for two under the name Payne. The waitress leads you to a two person table by the window at the back of the restaurant. The table is covered by a red cloth, with a small candle and vase of roses in the middle, and there is a very fancy looking chandelier hanging above the table. You sit at the table and wait for about 20 minutes when you get a text from Liam saying that there had been a change of plans and that he's sorry he couldn’t meet you at the restaurant. You are a bit hurt and heart broken, but understand that he is an international superstar and has lots of priorities in hand, that he sometimes he cant make it to stupid anniversary dinners like this. You leave the restaurant and head back to your flat, when you enter the flat and turn on the dimmed light, you see there's a path of rose petals with small candles outlining it starting from the front door heading to your living room. Puzzled as to who has done this, considering Liam said he had other plans in mind, you follow the petals to the Living room. When you enter the living room, you see your table, set up for two. 2 plates covered with a cloche each, with utensils, and place mat on either side of the table. In the middle of the table, was a vase of beautiful (your favourite flower)'s and a small candle on either side of it. On the vase you notice a small piece of paper stuck on to it in a shape of a heart. You approach the table and look at the note, on it, in beautiful cursive, it read 'turn around'. You turn around only to be met by non other than your brilliant boyfriend Liam Payne dressed in a nice black tux holding a rose. You immediately attack him in a hug, and when you pull away he hands you the rose, you take it and smell the sweet scent of it, you blush at his cuteness and look up at him.


"what are you doing here?!" you exclaim shocked.


"Did you actually think I would miss our 3 year anniversary?" he asked.


"But, I thought you said you had other plans with the band." you say.


"No, I never said I had other plans with the band, I simply just said I had other plans. Here.." he motioned his hand to the table ".. are the other plans." He replied cheekily. You punch his arm lightly, in a playful way.


"So how come, you made me go all the way to the restaurant, and made me wait for you for 20 minutes?" you question.


"Because I needed some way to get you out of the house, and it takes time to do this." He chuckled. You giggle at his adorableness. He leads you to your seat, pulls out the chair, motions for you to sit down, then pushes your chair in. 'he is such a gentleman' you think.


"And here's what I prepared for tonight, its one of your favourites." He lifts the cloche off the plate. " I present you Payne styled Lobster Fettuccini." He says in a dramatic voice. You giggle, he always made you laugh, another thing you love about him.


"Aww, thanks Li! You remembered, this was-" he cuts you off.


"This is what we ate on our first date together? Yes of course I remembered." You smile at him as he takes his seat. You take a bite of the dish, and the delicious flavour explodes in your mouth, this was really good! It tasted even better than the restaurant made one.


"Mmmm, Li! This is REALLY good! Even better than the restaurant made one! You're a great cook." You compliment him.


He blushes and says "Thanks, its my moms secret recipe."


You continue eating the delicious meal, and drink the ice tea that Liam gives you, your favourite drink, he remembered! He really is the perfect boyfriend. When you finish eating Liam takes you to the park to watch (your favourite movie), its playing in the park for couples night, 'what a coincidence' you thought. When you get to the park, he sets down a picnic blanket for the two of you in the middle of the park, not too far and not too close to the screen, right in the middle, just perfect. For the whole movie all you did was cuddle up to Liam. When the movie ended, you get up and turn to leave, but Liam stopped you saying there was more. So you stay where you are and look at the screen, you are shocked at what you see and are completely speechless. On the screen, in big letters, it said '(Y/N) WILL YOU MARRY ME?' just then a spotlight, out of no where focuses on you, and in front of you, you see Liam had gotten down on one knee, and in his hand was a small red velvet box, and inside was beautiful diamond ring. It was a simple golden band, with a decent sized diamond in the middle.


" (Y/N) we have spent 3 wonderful years together and I can honestly say it was the best 3 years of my life. I love everything about you and everything we have done together, our sweet moments like the times we spent at the beach in Hawaii, our happy moments like when we went to the carnival together in Florida, and even our small fights over stupid things, all I can think about was the love I felt for you. Every time we kiss, I fall in love with you all over again. We have spent many wonderful moments together, and I want to spend many more moments with you. So please, (Y/N) would you do me the extraordinary honour in marrying me?" when Liam concluded that wonderful speech, tears were streaming down your face, and the crowd erupted in aww's. You knew you loved Liam with all your heart, and you knew he was the one you wanted to spend your future with, so you replied with a shaky 'Yes' and he stands up to hug you and give you a meaningful kiss on the lips. The crowd starts to clap and cheer, as the two of you pull away and he puts the beautiful ring on your finger, it fits in perfectly. You smile at the ring then look up to meet Liam's beautiful brown eyes. "I Love You."  You say.


"I love you too, with all my heart." He replies before kissing your lips. And from then on, you knew you were going to have a beautiful future, with the perfect guy you love.

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