Call me crazy. I dare you. So I admit I hate One Direction. Yep the British boy band that all of the girls I know love them. I have to go to some stupid concert with my BFF who knows I hate them. But it all changes when I go up stage.


2. The Concert

Gabby's POV

     1d merchandise was EVERYWHERE!!! Kill me now... It was now the last song, Last First Kiss. It was okay. Fine it was the BEST song I ever heard. The boys picked a girl for them to sing to them and hold their hands and all of that. First Niall picked. Ari was screaming her butt of but he picked some blonde hair girl who was really well willowy. When this happened I think Ari had a few tears to shed. Then Harry picked a girl with short red hair. Zayn picked a black haired girl with tan skin. I guess Zayn is her favorite because she was screaming SO loud. Then Louis picked a girl with silky blonde curly hair. Lastly it was Liam. Ari told me Dani (old g-friend) just broke up with him for falling in love with some other dude. He was pretty cute I have to say. He looked around and his eyes and my eyes met eachother.

Liam 's POV
     Butterflies were tickling my stomach. "Gosh she is just made for me," I thought. She seemed bored but I can tell she is the party type. I slowly grabbed her hand and she followed me. Jealous looks appeared everywhere. "What is your name," I quietly whispered. She wasn't looking at me but replied, "Gabriella," I love that name! At the end we thanked everyone and I told Gabriella's friend and Gabby to come backstage . I could hear her friend yell "OMG! Thanks!!!" "Um. Thanks." Gabriella said. "Sure," I replied. "Here is my number.""Thanks..." She whispered. "So you from here?" I asked. "Yeah. But I'm leaving for the Uk tomorrow with my little sis Scottie," "Hey I'm leaving for the Uk tomorrow and I was wondering if you can fly in our jet with the boys and I?" "Okay!" She yelled. This was going to be great!

Hi I'm Lauren! I thought I'll write a Liam fanfic cuz I don't see a lot... :( poor Liam. Anywho comment how it is!

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