Call me crazy. I dare you. So I admit I hate One Direction. Yep the British boy band that all of the girls I know love them. I have to go to some stupid concert with my BFF who knows I hate them. But it all changes when I go up stage.


5. Nandos Suprise

Chapter 5
Gabriella's POV

My BFF (in the UK) Kelly came over to help me choose my outfit. "Ok so wear this short pink pastel skirt with this white lacy tank, and these golden dangly bracelets!!!" Kelly said while curling my hair. "Okay..." I said. Kelly wants to become a fashion designer when she's older. I don't blame her. We went to a private school in high school and she wore really expensive dresses because her dad is a doctor for celebrities. "Ok do u want me to drive with you?" She asked. "Why not?" I said. We raced to the car like we did when we were younger. "Yes! I won," I yelled. "You're lucky this time." She said. We both cracked up hysterically and went in the car. Apparently she brought some CDs and stared singing to Adele. We went inside Nandos and saw the the boys waiting there. Well everyone but Louis. I went over to them, "Hi!" I said. "Hey!" They all said in a unison. "This is ,y friend Kelly so I thought I should bring her over!" "Hey!" She said with her beautiful smile plastered over her face. Harry and Kelly were staring at each other until I asked "Um. Where is Louis?" "He's stuck n traffic so we are waiting for him." Niall said. "Okay," I replied. Liam's phone made a texting noise so all of us turned to him. "Louis said meet him there." Liam said. "Wait aren't we eating at Nandos?" I asked confused. "That's what I thought," Niall muttered. "WE R GOING TO A CLUB!" Zayn yelled. "What about Perrie?" Harry asked. "What about Perrie?" We all turned to the voice that was Perrie. OMG I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN! I wanted to yell. But she'll get freaked out. "Who are the two lovely gems?" She asked while nudging our arms. "That's Gabby aka Liam's crushhhhhh," Harry stated. Everyone 'ohh' and 'aww' us. My face turned to a dark shade of red and Liam was blushing REALLY hard. "And that is her friend Kelly!" Harry finished. "Well it's an honor to meet you Gabby and Kelly!" Perrie said while hugging us. We talked t her until Niall yelled, "I GOT THE VAN!" We all hopped in and started to ride.

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