Call me crazy. I dare you. So I admit I hate One Direction. Yep the British boy band that all of the girls I know love them. I have to go to some stupid concert with my BFF who knows I hate them. But it all changes when I go up stage.


4. Jet

Gabby's POV 

The jet ride was quiet. Liam and I got to know about our personal lives. I drifted off to sleep after listening to One Way Or Another (GREAT SONG!!!) Until I heard "wake up! " Scottie. She was back to her normal self. I saw a blonde figure ahead of me. "Mom!" I yelled. "Hi sweetie! You'll be staying with me until your apartment is ready." Mom said in her sweet voice. "But how did I get here on the couch?" Mom turned to the window. Liam winked at me and drove off. "Hey!" Yelled a familiar voice. It was Mark, my step dad. "Hi," I said. " So that's my family!" It was my step brother Leo with a girl. "Well who is that." "Now I don't like to be called 'that' sister! I have a name. Scottie. Leo's step sister."  Scottie blurted out. Scottie is a popular girl every where since every six months we switch  with mom and dad. I am too but I don't care. "And you are?" The girl asked. "Oh I am Gabriella! Nice to meet you!" Polite mode! "I'm Tiana. How old are you guys?" Tiana asked. "Oh I am 16 like Leo and Gabby here is 21," "Cool I am now dating Leo!!!" "Together forever…" Leo said in a shaky voice. All of a sudden I get a text from Liam saying "I'll pick you up and we'll go to a club with the boys and Perrie at 6:00 where something pretty! Xx Liam. Oh my gosh.

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