Call me crazy. I dare you. So I admit I hate One Direction. Yep the British boy band that all of the girls I know love them. I have to go to some stupid concert with my BFF who knows I hate them. But it all changes when I go up stage.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One.
Gabriella's POV

    What was she thinking? Ariana is my best friend ever since! She knows I hate THEM!!! One direction. They're so ANNOYING! It all started earlier today... 
"Okay someone is going here on June 22nd here in Tennessee... ONE DIRECTION!!!! I got OUR tickets" She squealed.  Our??? Really. "NO!" I barked. "You know that's the day before Scottie and I are leaving to see my mom in the UK..."
"I know. But that's their last spot and you can get a chance to see them there!!! And Niall and I will be together, FOREVER!!!" "Whatever,"  I muttered, "I'll do it for our last REAL day together," "Thank you!!!" She cried. 
I decided to write on my diary today!

 Today was the last day of year of our college days... Since, well i got offered a job.  We had good memories there. But I have to soon go to the Uk and live in my apartment my parents bought for me there... But really?!? Ari just HAD TO get front row seats for 1d. Wish me luck!!! ~Gabriella 

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