Call me crazy. I dare you. So I admit I hate One Direction. Yep the British boy band that all of the girls I know love them. I have to go to some stupid concert with my BFF who knows I hate them. But it all changes when I go up stage.


3. Arriving

Gabriella's POV

"Scottie!!!" I yelled. "Let's go we don't wanna be late for the jet!!!" I am so nervous!!! Our other furniture is in the Uk plus other clothes but we have suitcases. But why did Liam pick ME and invited me to the jet? Does he like me. "Just don't think about it!" I thought to myself.  "Coming!!" Scottie yelled. She LOVES 1d. Mainly Harry. Dad wasn't home he was at his g-friends house, Becky. We hopped on my BMW and drove of.

Liam's POV

"Do you like her???" Harry teased. "Shut up!" I replied. "Liam we ALL know it!" Niall snickered. "Ok, I do." I confessed. It's true she's just so adorable!!! I sound like a kid saying that but, it's true. I saw a black convertible BMW pull up. It was her. "Make the move!" Louis  and Zayn teased. "Whatever!" Suddenly I saw her appear. "Hi..." Gabriella whispered. Her skin reviled the little blush. All of a sudden, a girl who's looks sixteen  blurted out, "HARRY!!! I'M SCOTTIE PARKS AND I LOOOOOOVE YOU!!!" Gabriella slapped her hand on her face and said, "That is my sister Scottie." "HECK YA!" She yelled.

Gabriella's POV

Why am I so shy around Liam? That's NOT me. How can this happen? I will usually insult him but, my mind is NOT making me say that! Weird! I finally said, "Should we go on the jet?" "Ya of course!" Liam said in a weird voice. "I call dibs next to Harry!" Yelled Scottie. "Oh god," Harry and I muttered.

Hi guys! I heard literally had two good comments! Thx guys! I got two favorites and one like! Looks like I'm coming to a start! ;) Comment what you think what will happen! Maybe it'll happen.... Plz tell your friends about this! (I want to bee an author when I'm older) Anywho thank you!!!!! ***Check out Best Song Ever Video*** luv u guys!

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