Am I Still The One? (COMPLETED)

Lydia and Harry were the best of friends until Harry Left to audition for the X-Factor. For years he never contacted her, just ignored her. Now he's back, and trying to make up for what they lost. But when rumors go spinning, so does Lydia's head. Can she ever really trust him not to betray her again?


2. The Stars

Lydia’s P.O.V.          

“How have you been?” Harry asked.

            “Fine,” I shrugged, “How about you?”

            “Great.” He said, nodding. He took a sip of his beer and looked around, “Hey, no one is really paying close attention. Do you want to sneak up to the roof, like old times?”

            “I’m pretty sure they’d notice if Harry Styles of One Direction left the building.” I joked.

            “What if I make you a promise?” Harry used to always say this when he wanted something, “I promise you that no one will notice I’m gone.”

            “And what do I get if you break that promise?” I raised my eyebrow.

            “You get . . . ,” Harry thought for a minute, “You get to call one of the boys and tell them about the tree house incident.”

            “Deal!” I laughed.

As we walked out the back door, I tried to make my footsteps louder than usual, and slammed the back door, yet no one noticed. We found a latter that was installed when painting was being done, and climbed up. When we got up to the roof, it seemed like we went back several years. We would go up on either my or Harry’s roof every night in the summer. Even though it was October, and a little chilly, it was still perfect.

“What have you been up to?” Harry asked, looking up at the stars. It was pretty rare to see a lot of stars at night, but there were a whole bunch.

“Nothing much, really.” I said, “Phillip left to go live with his dad in California.”

“Really?” Harry said, surprised.

“Yeah,” I sighed, “Aunt Jessie is saying he is just visiting, but she’s just trying to talk herself into thinking that. He left for a ‘visit’ a year ago. He hardly contacts us and when he does, it’s asking to send him some of the things he left here.”

“I’m so sorry,” Harry said, putting his arm around me, “That must be tough.”

I looked at his arm, and pushed it aside. “No, what’s tough is no contact from your best friend for over 3 years.” I snapped. I sat my beer down. That was probably the reason my mood changed so suddenly.

“I’m sorry,” He said quietly, surprised at my rage, “I was busy…,” Harry trailed off.

“I’m sure there could have been enough time for a quick email or text,” I said, “Like maybe a ‘Hi Dee! How’s it going?’ or ‘Dee! I miss you! Things are great!’” My eyes started to flood.

“I-I couldn’t.” Harry said, his head hanging down, “I figured I would be less homesick if I forgot about home, and you are home.”

“Well, I’m glad one of us was enjoying their stay away from each other.” I climbed down the roof, and headed inside.

Harry didn’t follow, or call for me to stay. Instead he just sat there, and watched me leave. I called for a taxi and waited out front. I sent a text to Jessie, letting her know I was heading home. I lied and said I wasn’t feeling well. Soon after that, the taxi came driving down the street.  As soon as he pulled up, I hopped in.

“Where to, Miss?” The taxi driver asked with his deep, gruff voice.

“4897 on 24th Street, please.” I said. The whole cab ride back, I set my eyes out the window, fighting tears the whole way. We got to my home, and I paid the driver my fee.

“Have a good night, Miss,” The driver smiled at my from inside the car, “And keep your chin up.”

“Thank you,” I tried smiling back, “Good night.”

            I went up to the door step, and unlocked the door. The first place I went to was the couch. I turned on the TV, and got a blanket. I grabbed a copy of Back to the Future, and laid back. Not long after, my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID. It was Harry. I tossed it on the other end of the sofa and let it go to voicemail. I went to snatched a blanket from the cabinets, and lied back down. I was still in my dress, but I didn’t care. I decided that I would change later. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. As I got up to answer it, I grabbed my phone. While walking to the door, I checked my phone. 6 missed called and two voicemails. I opened the door to a tall boy with curly brown locks and deep green eyes.

            “Please don’t make me go,” Harry pleaded, “Let me explain.”

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