Am I Still The One? (COMPLETED)

Lydia and Harry were the best of friends until Harry Left to audition for the X-Factor. For years he never contacted her, just ignored her. Now he's back, and trying to make up for what they lost. But when rumors go spinning, so does Lydia's head. Can she ever really trust him not to betray her again?


10. The Rumors

Harry's P.O.V.

    "Thank you boys for coming out tonight," The host said to us. I had already forgotten her name. I just had referred to her as the tall blonde to the boys. 

    "Thank you for having us!" Liam smiled back at her. The audience cheered as we left the stage.

    "Merci de nous rejoindre Paris!" She said, "Nous vous verrons la semaine prochaine!" Then she left the stage.

    "What'd she say?" I asked the boys.

    "I thanked them for coming," A voice answered behind me. I turned around to see the blonde woman walking towards us, "I also reminded them about the show next week." She smiled at me.

    "Cool!" Niall piped up. 

    "Are you boys going to the party tonight?" She asked.

    "What party?" Zayn asked.

    "Well, for our 100th broadcast, we are having a party." She answered, "You are all welcome to join us." She invited.

    "Can we go?" Zayn begged.

    "I'm not gonna go," Louis shrugged, "Gonna call Eleanor, see how she's doing."

    "Yeah, I think I'll call Lydia." I sighed, "I'm pretty tired to. Might as well stay in."

   "Well, you two are gonna miss out!" Niall shouted, before running off. Zayn, Liam and the tall blonde waved at us, and followed him.


     "Hello?" An irritated voice answered on the other line.

     "Hey!" I greeted her.

     "Oh, babe! It's you!" She said rather relieved, then her tone changed, "Listen, I have to go. Nicki hurt herself. We are at urgent care."

     "Is she okay?" I asked concerned.

     "Yeah, we were moving her bed, when a side hit her toe, and now it's all purple,"She explained, "But, I really have to go. I'm sorry. I'll text you when I can."

     We said our goodbyes and hung up. I looked at the clock. 9:08pm. I had some time to spare. I wasn't that tired. I could go to the party. And it was my last night before heading home. I grabbed my jacket and head out. 


    "This is packed!" I yelled over the loud music to Niall. The club was infested with people. It was like you couldn't take a step without bumping into someone. 

   "I-I know, but its s-so siiiiick!" Niall slurred loudly. He just danced to the music violently. No doubt he was drunk. I got off the dance floor and headed  to the bar. I decided just to sit there, and not drink anything. I really didn't feel like a hangover tomorrow. I bright flash came from behind me. I turned around to see some girls taking pictures. I smirked at myself at the thought of making faces in them, since I was only in the background. 

    "Hey there," a voice said from behind. I turned around to see the tall blonde host smiling at me. She was wearing a gold strapless dress that was low cut and tight. But she was so bony, it wasn't flattering on her at all. 

    "Hi," I smiled back.

    "I thought you weren't going to come to this party?" She asked, ordering herself a drink.

   "I wasn't. Plans changed." I shrugged.

   "You know, I really like you're hair," She said, coming close to me. She grabbed a piece and twirled it with her fingers. She was drunk. I could smell the alcohol on her. 

   "Thanks." I said, moving her hand, and backing up a bit. 

   "Harry," She said, frowning, "I need to tell you something."

   "What is it?" I asked.

   "Je te veux maintenant." She whispered. In one swift motion, she grabbed the collar of my jacket, and pulled me into a kiss. As much as I tried to pull away, she had me. I couldn't pull away without hurting her. She tried to force herself on me, that was when I stepped on her toe.

   "Aie!" She shrieked. I took my chance, and got out of that club. I took a cab and went back to my hotel. I paced around my room for what seemed like forever. In the past, I wouldn't have told my girlfriend. I would have hid it, because I wouldn't want her to have any reason not to trust me. But Lydia was so different. I couldn't not tell her. I lied down on my bed, and closed my eyes. I told myself I'd call her. Right now. I opened my eyes, and everything was lighter. I searched I looked at the clock. 10:34 am. I searched my pockets for my phone. It wasn't there. I hadn't told her, but I didn't have to. 


Lydia's P.O.V.

      "Lydia!" Nicki called from the guest room. I rolled my eyes, and put the waffles on the tray. I poured her some orange juice and put a cup of warm syrup on the side, "Lydia!" She yelled louder. I walked in the room, and out the tray on her night stand.

    "You know, you can still walk to the kitchen with a hurt toe. Isn't that why you insisted on having crutches?" I reminded her. She sitting up in bed, reading something on her laptop, shocked, "What is it?" I asked. She said nothing, but handed my the laptop. I gave her a look and sat at the end of her bed. I set the laptop on my lap and began to read. The first thing I saw was a picture of Harry. Kissing a blonde girl. I didn't know how to react. This had never happened to me before. What was I to do? My eyes started to water, but I shook it off, and started to read.

    >>Harry Styles of One Direction was spotted at a French club, Catastrophe de Minuit, with Host of "Interieur sur le Divertissement avec Audry Flound", Audry Flound herself. Witnesses say Styles was sitting at the bar, when Flound came over, and they started snoging-<<

    I shut the laptop and put in on the bed. I didn't cry. I still had hope. Maybe this was a huge misunderstanding. I grabbed my cellphone out and dialed Harry's number. It rang for a while before someone answered it.

    "Hello?" A woman said in a French accent on the other line. I just sat there, in shock. How could he have done this to me, "Hello?" She said before hanging up. 

   "Hun," Nicki started.

   "I'm going out." I simply said.

   "Lydia!" She called, getting out of bed. I grabbed my coat and ran outside. I ran until I didn't know where I was. I checked my phone. 5 missed calls from Nicki. 3 missed calls from Niall. That was the last thing I remember. The next thing I remember, is a bright blue sky above me, the air being filled with the sound of blaring sirens. 

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