Am I Still The One? (COMPLETED)

Lydia and Harry were the best of friends until Harry Left to audition for the X-Factor. For years he never contacted her, just ignored her. Now he's back, and trying to make up for what they lost. But when rumors go spinning, so does Lydia's head. Can she ever really trust him not to betray her again?


8. The First Impression

Lydia's P.O.V.

          I was having so much fun with these boys! Though I had to admit, I was a bit disappointed that Louis' girl didn't show up. Louis said she had a previous arrangement and couldn't make it. It would have been nice to have another girl here. Someone to relate to. I could have asked her questions about what I should expect, being a One Direction Girlfriend. I had to admit, It made me a bit nervous.

        Harry, Louis, and Liam were playing a football video game on the T.V. and Zayn was on and off of his phone, Lying across the sofa opposite of me. I leaned over to Harry, and kissed his forehead.

       "I'll be right back," I said quietly to Harry.

      "Hey! Seductive whispering in prohibited in my flat!" Louis yelled, "Unless I get some!" 

      I rolled my eyes and made my way into the kitchen. Something stopped me when I walked past the hallway. I heard noises. I walked slowly down the hallway, as the sounds became more clear. Crying. Someone was crying. I peaked my head into the room it was coming from. I recognized the blonde boy from earlier, with his face in his hands, letting out silent sobs. He sat on the edge of a bed, hunched over. My heart ached for him. All I wanted to do was comfort him, but I was pretty sure he wouldn't want it from me. I took a step forward. Bad choice. The floorboards creaked from underneath my feet, and the boy raised his head, staring at me.

        "I-I am sorry,"I stuttered, "I heard noises from outside," I confessed, pointing behind me.

        "No, it's fine," He said, trying to hide his tears. 

       "Is everything alright?" I asked.

        "Alright? Yeah everything's alright. I am part of the biggest boy band in the world, living the dream! Everything's alright . . . " He trailed off.

      "Except for one thing?" I inquired. He looked at me, then down at his feet, "I know, I technically haven't 'met' you yet, but I've been told I'm a good listener." I offered. He smiled at me, and waved me over. I slowly walked over to him, and sat beside him.

     "I'm Niall." He introduced himself in his Irish accent.  He held out his hand.

      "Lydia." I smiled, I took his hand and shook it. Now I had "met" him.

     He was silent for a moment, then started talking, "There was a girl, back in Ireland. I had started seeing her about 4 months ago. We were very careful about being seen together. She made it clear that she didn't want people judging her or what not," Niall took a deep breath before continuing, "A week ago, she dumped me. Out of the blue. She just sent a text saying, 'We're done. Don't try and come back for me. I'm leaving the country and changing my number as we speak. Goodbye.'" I could see Niall trying very hard to hold back tears. Out of instinct I rubbed his back with my right hand to try and sooth him. He wiped away some tears and continued, "Another friend of mine contacted me and told me what really happened. For the Past 3 months, she had been seeing another guy. Well, she's expecting. And she just left." He sobbed quietly into his hands, "The worst part is, I would have still kept her. I would have cared for her, and that child. Even though it's not mine." I continued to rub his back.

        "Niall, I am so sorry." I simply said, "I know this is kinda cliché, but I believe that everything happens for a reason." I regretted it as soon as I said it. I sounded like I didn't even care! How stupid was I. However, Niall didn't seem to think so.

         "Thanks," He said looking up at me, smiling, "I guess I just don't what what the reason could be."

      "You'll find it," I smiled, "Don't worry." Niall smiled back at me, and pulled me into a hug. 

       "Babe?" I heard Harry call from down the hall. I gently pulled away from Niall.

      "Duty calls." I joked. I got up and walked towards the door.

       "By the way," Niall stopped me. I turned around to face him, "I've never seen Harry so happy with someone before. You really changed him." I blushed and walked out into the hall to meet the curly boy with mesmerizing eyes.

       "Where'd you go?" Harry questioned suspiciously.

      "Oh, I just ran into Niall, and we talked for a bit. He's a really nice lad." I smiled and pecked him on the cheek.

      "Oh! Did you tell him anything from my childhood?" Harry teased, "You sure like to do that with my friends."

      "Only THAT part of your childhood." I said, reaching up on my tiptoes and giving him a peck on the lips.

Harry's P.O.V.

      "Harry?" Lydia said from the passenger seat. We were on our way home from Louis', "How have we gone on dates and places in public without getting noticed by fans?"

    "Well, I kinda plan them at the right time," I winked at her, then put my eyes back on the road, "Every time one of the boys goes out and does something, the fans rush to them. All they have to do is tweet about it. And when they do, out we go!" We had only really gone on just a few dates outside of her flat or mine. I tried to avoid that, just in case I did get noticed.

    "Oh," Lydia said looking out her window. She was silent for a moment before asking, "Are the directioners really hateful against girlfriends?" I wasn't sure how to answer that. I thought a moment before attempting to answer.

     "Well, I think the real fans don't spread hate," I started, "But others do. Simply because they're not the ones getting the attention. And we don't tend to associate with those types of people.We like meeting the ones who like us for us, and want us to be happy. So, yeah, some girlfriends get hate, but not from our true fans." I saw Lydia's face light up from the corner of my eye. As we approached her flat, I slowed the car down. I parked it and hurried around the car, to open it for Lydia. She thanked me as I helped her out of the vehicle. When we got to her door, I turned her to face me.

     "Are you ready to go through that? I can't control what they say, as much as I like, but it won't be pretty." I warned her. She smiled and took my hands.

     "If you'll be there, then of course I'm ready." She said with confidence. I kissed her goodnight and drove to my flat. I told my mom goodnight and headed up to my room. I went on twitter to post a picture of her and I when I saw that someone already did.

      Louis had posted a picture of Lydia and I on the couch, holding hands. I read the caption to myself: "@Harry_Styles, You gettin a bit cozy there with @DeeLyd aren't you?(;" That's it. The world knew now that Lydia was mine.

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