Am I Still The One? (COMPLETED)

Lydia and Harry were the best of friends until Harry Left to audition for the X-Factor. For years he never contacted her, just ignored her. Now he's back, and trying to make up for what they lost. But when rumors go spinning, so does Lydia's head. Can she ever really trust him not to betray her again?


5. The Date

Harry's P.O.V.

          "Where are we going?" Dee whined from the passenger seat. Even with a blindfold on, she was extremely beautiful. 

          "For the last time, you have to wait and find out!" I teased. I watched her out of the corner of my eye, as she folded her arms and pouted like a little kid. "I think you're a bit old for that." I said.

          "I don't care!" She declared, trying to keep on a frustrated face. It was no use. She cracked a smile when I looked back at her and we both laughed. 

          We finally arrived at our destination. I made my way into the parking lot and parked up front. I  got out and went to open the door for Lydia. As I did, I looked around at the empty parking lot. Perfect. 

          "Now can I know where we are?" She asked, her arms still folded.

          "One moment," I grabbed her shoulders and spun her around a few times.

          "Um, this isn't a pinata or pin the tail on the donkey, is it?" She joked.

         "No, I just wanted to see if you'd still be able to walk after I spun you a few times." I said. She stood up straight, and smiled. She carefully took one step, and smiled bigger, proud of her accomplishment. She took another step and wobbled a bit. I quickly wrapped her in my arms, so she wouldn't fall. She frowned.

       "I don't need your help, Harold Edward Styles." She tried to get free of my arms, but I wouldn't budge.

         "I think you do, Lydia Marie Von Leffern." I smiled cheekily at her, even though she couldn't see it, "You ready to see where we are?"

        "I've been ready!" She whined again. I carefully undid the blindfold, tied around her head and waited for her reaction.

Lydia's P.O.V.

          I waited as Harry undid the blindfold. My first reaction was to blink my eyes enough so I could see. My eyes were closed for so long, black static clouded my sight. Once I got my sight back, I gasped. He brought me here?

          "Well?" Harry pressed, but I just stood there, staring. I was speechless. "You gotta say something," Harry said, worried, "Please? If you don't like it, we can go somewhere else."

         "You brought me to the roller rink." I stated. I still stared at the old, beat up building.

        "Well, yeah," Harry scratched his neck, "I just thought that we could go to where we first met. But if you want to go somewhere else -- "

        I interrupted him by wrapping my arms around him and burring my face in his chest. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I squealed. There were so many memories in this old building. I couldn't believe he remembered our very first one was here.

       He offered his hand and I took it as he led me through the doors. Harry excused himself for a moment, and went to talk to a talk, bulky man at the front counter. I looked around me as I waited. I hadn't been here since I was twelve. Nothing seemed to change about this place.  The rink still had it's 80's theme. The seats in the dinning area were still hot pink and the tables, lime green. The ceiling was painted black, as were the walls. However, the walls had bright neon confetti painted on them. The counters were still a bright yellow and blue. I listened as "Let's go to the Mall" played in the background. I noticed only one thing that was wrong about this place.

         "Still a size 7?" Harry interrupted my thoughts and handed me a pair of skates. 

         "Thanks," I said, taking the pair of skates, "Where is everybody? This place used to be packed."

         "I rented it out for a few hours," He led me to a bench so we could put on our skates, "I don't want to get mobbed by fans. I want this date to be perfect." Date? So this was definitely not a friend thing. I smiled and agreed. Harry finished putting on his skates before I did and saw that I was struggling with tying the laces.

        "You still have trouble with laces?" He laughed. He knelt down, and started to tie my laces for me.

       "Of course I do," I sighed, "Why do you think I wear heels so often? No laces."

      "I'm pretty sure I know the real reason why you wear heels." Harry winked, finishing the knot. I frowned at was he was inferring to. I've always been on the shorter side. I hated it. When my aunt bought me my first pair of heels, I wore them all of the time. I liked the feeling of being tall enough to get myself a bowl to make myself cereal. As time went on, I felt weird not wearing heels.

         Harry led me in the rink. We started skating pretty slow. Harry had me hold his arm most of the time. I noticed that he was either afraid that I would fall, or he would.

          "Hazz, are you afraid you're going to fall?" I teased. 

          "Ha! You wish! I'm afraid that you will fall." He snickered.

          "Well, I'm sure I can keep myself stable if we go a bit faster." I challenge. I watched as a mischievous grin appeared on his lips.

          "Let's get to it then." He accepted. We then went a bit faster. Then faster. Then faster. Soon enough, we were racing, Harry in the lead. But he wouldn't be for long. I sped up and passed him. I could feel him, hot on my tail. I passed the finish line, and put my hands up in victory. I spun around, to rub it in Harry's face, when I saw he wasn't behind me. My eyes searched the rink until they found him. He was on the ground, face down. I hurried and skated to him.

          "Harry? Are you ok?" I asked hastily. 

         "Yeah, I'm fine," He moaned, "Could you help me up?" I reached my hand down and grabbed his to lift him up. He looked up at me, and winked. 

          "Whaa--" I was interrupted as Harry puled me down on top if him. He laughed, and I hit him in the arm as hard as I could, "Styles, you suck!" I shouted at him, trying to contain my laughter.

          "Actually, I think I'm pretty smart." He grinned. 

          "And why is that?" I asked.

          "Well, with you on top of me, it makes it very difficult for you to avoid this." I looked at him confused for a moment. By the time I had realized what he meant by that, his lips were already pressed against mine. The same spark that was there last night was there again. 

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