You Found Me

I'm a normal teenager. I am living a normal teenage life... until I met Harry Styles. I didn't see that coming. I swear. Yeah, you think I'm the best girl ever in the whole school. Ye--- No! I'm a wallflower. I have a radio station that no one knows I DJ. My dad is a radio DJ, but no one knows me. Until, Harry came into the neighborhood.


5. meeting dad?

Sarah's P.O.V.

   I woke up first. Harry was still asleep. I went over to the window to see how the hell, again, I slept so late into the morning.  I didn't understand. I checked on my neighbors, because I know now that Harry won't be having any screaming and yelling over at his place anymore. The problem was that I was getting freaked out about my other neighbor not getting that noisy and being my rooster in the morning. The kids are gone and everything. Well, not their toys. So, I'm guessing their on vacation, because their car isn't parked where it usually is. I was happy with that, but now I have to buy a clock with an alarm.

   I went over to check on Harry. He still wasn't up. I laid next to him and started playing with his hair. Then I stopped and got up to go to change into something comfortable. I went back to the room. Harry was still asleep. I went over and sat on top of him. I bent down and kissed him on the lips, and he finally woke up. I smiled down at him, then the door slammed right open. When we saw who it was I wanted to run, but I was scared to death I couldn't move. It was my dad, with One Direction behind him. He was really upset. Yeah, his face got all red and all that. When One Direction got into the room, they all had surprised faces. They didn't look pleased with the position that we were in. My dad went up to Harry, but I pushed him away. My dad looked pissed, he yelled saying, "Who the hell is he?!?" I looked down, I didn't want to tell him about my relationship with Harry, but I knew he could sort of tell by the position that we were in. Harry sat up on the bed, me sitting on his legs. He wrapped his arms around my hips. That didn't make my dad any happy then he wanted to be.

Dad: I don't know who you think you are doing that to my daughter, but get your dirty arms off of her!

Sarah: Dad! (I finally got off of him) He's my boyfriend for crying out loud! (One Direction looked sort of relieved. I wouldn't blame them.)

Dad: He's your what!

Harry: I'm sorry sir, but I'm her boyfriend.

Dad: Stay out of this!

Oldest looking one: Umm, we will be staying outside, if you don't mind.

Dad: Yes, please do.

Sarah: Anyways! What are you doing here? I wanted this place because I wanted to get away and get some privacy! Not just moving to a new place with you!

Dad: Young lady, you need to shut up!

Harry: Sir! This place was her sixteenth birthday present from you! You need to respect it!

Dad: You shut up about this! Didn't I tell you to stay out of this?

Harry: Yes sir, but--

Dad: No buts, get out of this room. Now!

Sarah: Dad! Your so rude! Why can't you just follow one thing that I asked you to do!

Dad: I was bringing the band here for them to stay here, and they still will. I won't be as much concerned as I am right now. When did he ask you to be his girlfriend anyways?

Sarah: Last night.

Dad: You didn't tell me about it? Last night?

Sarah: Oh, now you expect me to call you and tell you about everything? Dad! I'm not that little girl that you use to know! I'm a teenager, ready to take off. No. I'm already living my own life!

Dad: You quite school!

Sarah: No!

Dad: What's your "boyfriend's" name?

Sarah: Harry.

Dad: Harry! Get in here now!

Sarah: Dad! I don't want you--

Harry: Yes sir?

Dad: Stay in here will you?

  When my dad left and was out of ear shot. I ran toward Harry and hugged him saying, "Harry, I'm so sorry about that. I didn't mean--" "It's ok." "Excuse me?" "I said it's ok." "Well, that's good. Let's get out of here." "Way ahead of you." When we tried the door, it didn't open. My father locked me and Harry in here. At least my window was already open. Our only chance was to go through the window, before my dad came back. When I got to the window Harry didn't look pleased.

Harry: Umm, Sarah?

Sarah: Yep.

Harry: Just because I look all that athletic, not saying that I am not athletic, I cannot jump out of that window without breaking a bone.

Sarah: Just jump through the window onto the roof, then over the fence onto your yard. Then we get into your house. Simple.

Harry: Easy for you to say. Your a ninja.

Sarah: And your a ninja's boyfriend. So, your going to do it. It is pretty easy.

Harry: I trust you. If I don't make it---

Sarah: *kissing him* Your going to make it.

Harry: Fine.

   Harry was sort of telling the truth. He wasn't the best ninja, but he got over to his house all in one piece. No broken, twisted, fractured nothing. When we got inside we got into the living room. He laid on the couch. I sat on the one across from his. I let him lay their. I went over to his kitchen and got some water boiling to prepare some tea. Luckily, he had a girlfriend that was half British. When I set the tray of tea down he literally sprang up from the smell. He smiled, then the door bell rang. Seriously. All I want is some time with Harry. It's not that hard!

   When I got to the door, I was surprised with what I saw. One Direction was standing their greeting me right when they saw me. Then they all stepped back. The oldest looking one came up and said, "Hey, weren't you that girl that was---" "Yes, what are you all doing here?" "Greeting the neighbors. Your father said they were nice." "Well, think again." "May we come in?" "I guess so." When Harry saw them he stood up right away and greeted them. I went over by his side and we put one of our arms around each other. They all introduced them selves. We later found out that Louis was the leader of the band. We had a nice conversation. I asked Harry if I could go up to his room, for them to get to know one another. He said yes. They seemed to like him, because I did hear a lot of laughing. After a while, I fell asleep.

Harry's P.O.V.

   Me and One Direction got along pretty well. That got me back on wanting to be in their band. No, I wasn't using Sarah to get in the band. I didn't even know who her dad was, until that night. I really fell for her and she fell for me. When they left, I went up to my room seeing that Sarah was taking a nap. I wouldn't blame her after all that commotion. She really needed the rest. I went and laid right next to her. I kissed her on the lips, but she didn't move. I then started to just want to go to sleep my self. I couldn't. I just randomly played with her hair. Then I stopped.

Sarah: Who said to stop playing with my hair?

Harry: Love you too.

   I kissed her and rolled onto her. I didn't literally lay on her. I just you know. I connected our foreheads together and smiled. I kissed her and grabbed her hips and rolled back on my back with her sitting on my stomach.

Harry: I think this is the part that we were rampaged by your dad.

Sarah: Well, Romeo. Loving this moment now are you?

Harry: Yes Juliet.

   We kissed and we made out... and no we did not do that. We went downstairs and I made our linner. (meaning lunch and dinner)  I wouldn't let Sarah get into the kitchen. So, she just waited on the sofa. I got out and showed her my sandwich that I made for us. When she tried it she loved it. I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie. She said yes. We just sat their and watched it. We got comfortable on the couch and slowly both of us fell asleep in each others arms.

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